Redis - Sorted Set Zrevrank Command

Redis ZREVRANK command returns the rank of the member in the sorted set stored at the key, with the scores ordered from high to low. The rank (or index) is 0-based, which means that the member with the highest score has rank 0.

Return Value

  • If the member exists in the sorted set, Integer reply − the rank of member.

  • If the member does not exist in the sorted set or the key does not exist, Bulk string reply − nil.


Following is the basic syntax of Redis ZREVRANK command.

redis> ZREVRANK key member


redis> ZADD myzset 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 
(integer) 4 
redis> ZREVRANK myzset "c" 
(integer) 3 
redis> ZREVRANK myzset "y"