Redis - Server Client List Command


Redis CLIENT LIST command returns the information and statistics about the client connections server in a human readable format.

Return Value

Bulk string reply, a unique string.


Following is the basic syntax of Redis CLIENT LIST command.


Description of Fields

  • id − Unique 64-bit client ID (introduced in Redis 2.8.12)

  • addr − Address/port of the client

  • fd − File descriptor corresponding to the socket

  • age − Total duration of the connection in seconds

  • idle − Idle time of the connection in seconds

  • flags − Client flags (see below)

  • db − Current database ID

  • sub − Number of channel subscriptions

  • psub − Number of pattern matching subscriptions

  • multi − Number of commands in a MULTI/EXEC context

  • qbuf − Query buffer length (0 means no query pending)

  • qbuf-free − Free space of the query buffer (0 means the buffer is full)

  • obl − Output buffer length

  • oll − Output list length (replies are queued in this list when the buffer is full)

  • omem − Output buffer memory usage

  • events − File descriptor events (see below)

  • cmd − Last command played