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Record Vocals with No Latency

person icon Riley Weller


Record Vocals with No Latency

Learn the Secrets to NO AUDIO LATENCY When Recording Your Voice with a Mixer or Audio Interface (Direct Monitor Knob)

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2024

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person icon Riley Weller

English [CC]

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Course Description

If you are sick and tired of hearing latency when recording vocals, then this course has your answer!

This course starts off with first explaining WHAT IS AUDIO LATENCY.. WHAT CAUSES AUDIO LATENCY.. and the TOOLS TO FIX AUDIO LATENCY (Delay or Lag when Recording).

  You will learn:

  • How to Avoid Latency 100% with a Mixer
  • How to Reduce Latency with an Audio Interface (DIRECT MONITOR Knob)
  • How to Set Up Your Computer for Low Latency
  • How to Record and Edit Vocals in FL Studio for GREAT Results
  • How to Adjust Buffer Size when Recording and Making a Beat in FL Studio

There will be some costs involved if you want to go the mixer route (which will give you zero audio latency when recording), such as buying the mixer itself, additional audio cables, an audio interface, and a dynamic microphone for good recordings!

If going this route, the mixer doesn't have to be too expensive (maybe $150-$300), and it will definitely give you a great recording experience.  If you record over music a lot, I do think this approach is worth your time and money.

However, a more affordable route is using an audio interface with a direct monitoring KNOB (not a direct monitoring switch).. to give you more control on reducing audio latency.

Finally, you need to understand the difference between "out of sync" and "latency".

Out of sync is when the vocal recording simply is just not lining up over top of the beat or music.  This can be easily fixed by "nudging" the vocal recording over top of the music audio.

Latency is when you talk into the microphone (or play your instrument), and you hear the audio REPEAT.. as if it has a slight delay.  This slight delayed audio that you hear back is known as audio latency, and it makes recording really hard because it throws off your timing.

So this course will teach you how to either REDUCE latency (the audio interface with DIRECT MONITORING KNOB approach), or 100% get rid of audio latency [zero audio latency] (if you go the mixer approach!).

After many years of producing and recording my own albums, you will learn the best way to record vocals in FL Studio with super easy results.

I even show you once you record your vocals, how to edit them in your DAW!  (I use FL Studio to show this, but the course applies to any music recording program or DAW!)

So you will not only learn how to record your vocals with no latency, I will even show you how to record vocals over a beat, slice them, align them, and quickly edit them to get your vocals in sync (after you recorded with no latency!)

Ready to learn how to record vocals with no latency?

Enroll, and I'll show you step-by-step the equipment needed, how to record your vocals, and even how to edit them lightly, too, so they line-up properly!

Who this course is for:

  • Vocalists Wanting No Latency When Recording (You May Need to Purchase Some Equipment Like a Mixer, or Audio Interface with a Direct Monitoring Knob)
  • Music Producers Who Want No Latency While Recording Artists Coming to the Studio
  • Instrumentalists Who Want to Record Their Guitar, Piano, or Other Instruments and Decrease Audio Latency (or Fully Remove Audio Latency with an Audio Mixer)


  • How to Record Vocals with NO LATENCY (Requires an Affordable Audio Mixer)
  • Record Vocals with REDUCED Latency (Requires Audio Interface with Direct Monitoring KNOB)
  • Understanding the Problem of Audio Latency (and How to Fix Latency)
  • Tools to Fix the Problem of Audio Latency
  • How to Record a Microphone Without Hearing the Audio Being Delayed
  • How to Set Up Your Computer for Low Latency
  • What Recording Equipment is Needed for High Quality Recordings
  • How to Record Vocals Over an .MP3 or .WAV Beat You've Purchased or Were Sent
  • How to Record Over a Heavy Song with Lots of MIDI and Virtual Instruments Happening with No Latency
  • Different Microphones You Can Use to Record Your Voice.. and What's Best (Dynamic vs. Condenser Microphones)
  • Microphone Placement Ideas and Techniques (to Help You Achieve Better Vocal Recordings with Low to NO Latency.. depending on your hardware!)


  • A Professional Microphone with XLR Connections (Preferably a Dynamic Microphone.. But Condensers Work Well, Too!)
  • You Need to Have Some Basic Knowledge of How to Record.. This Course Will Teach You How to Record with NO LATENCY (if you have a mixer) or REDUCE LATENCY (audio interface with direct monitoring KNOB)
  • You Will Need to Have Recording Software to Record Your Vocals or Instrument (We use FL Studio in this Course, but Free Music Software to Record like Audacity Could Be Used!)
  • To REDUCE Latency, You Will Need an Audio Interface with Direct Monitoring KNOB.. (not a Direct Monitoring Switch.. a Switch Doesn't Give Flexibility to Control the AMOUNT of Direct Monitoring to Lower Audio Latency!)
  • To REMOVE Latency 100% (ZERO LATENCY), A Mixer is Required.. Explained in the Course
Record Vocals with No Latency


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 01:05 01:05
  • play icon Understanding The Problem 06:09 06:09
  • play icon Tools to Fix the Problem of Audio Latency 15:52 15:52
3 Lectures
3 Lectures

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Riley Weller

Riley Weller

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