React CRUD Operations with Axios

person icon Nishant Kumar

React CRUD Operations with Axios

You will be learning how to manage CRUD Operations with React and Axios.

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Nishant Kumar

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Course Description

Hey, I am Nishant and I am an enthusiastic developer with a knack for building products with good UI and UX. I teach Front-end Development to beginners, and some other things too.

I build projects to learn how code works.

And while I am not coding, I enjoy writing poetry and stories, and cooking delicious meals.

In this course, we cover all the steps from creating an app in the React all the way through to build an app that perform React CRUD Operations.

  • We will start by initializing the React App.

  • We will learn how to use Axios for sending API Requests to the server.

  • We will look into how to use Mock APIs.

  • And last but not the least, how to use Semantic UI and Local Storage.

Enroll now and get started on your journey to build React Applications.


What will you learn in this course:

  • React

  • CRUD

  • API handling

  • React Router

  • Semantic UI

  • How to use Local Storage and Mock API's


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Should be able to read, write, and understand JavaScript

React CRUD Operations with Axios


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

React CRUD Operation
25 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction and Initializing the React App 00:45 00:45
  • play icon Installing Semantic UI Library 00:28 00:28
  • play icon Importing Semantic UI Library 00:28 00:28
  • play icon Cleaning the unneccasary project files 00:51 00:51
  • play icon Creating the app 01:08 01:08
  • play icon Creating CRUD Components 00:33 00:33
  • play icon Installing Axios Library 00:20 00:20
  • play icon Creating a Mock API 01:08 01:08
  • play icon Create Operation 01:25 01:25
  • play icon Creating a Form from Semantic UI React 00:34 00:34
  • play icon Posting Data to Mock API 05:00 05:00
  • play icon Read Operation 05:58 05:58
  • play icon Creating Update and Delete Buttons 01:13 01:13
  • play icon Installing React Router 00:28 00:28
  • play icon Importing Router and Route from React Router 00:57 00:57
  • play icon Creating the Update and Delete Routes 01:58 01:58
  • play icon Mapping Routes on Button Click 01:32 01:32
  • play icon Getting the Unique ID's from API 01:16 01:16
  • play icon Setting the ID's in the Local Storage 00:38 00:38
  • play icon Creating the Update Form 00:36 00:36
  • play icon Fetching Data from Local Storage and Auto-populating the fields 01:25 01:25
  • play icon Update Operation 01:49 01:49
  • play icon Delete Operation 01:54 01:54
  • play icon Final Touches 02:22 02:22
  • play icon Conclusion 00:17 00:17

Instructor Details

Nishant Kumar

Nishant Kumar

An enthusiastic developer with a knack for building products with good UI and UX.
Check out my blogs at freeCodeCamp: http://bit.ly/3gl0Ips Follow Cybernatico on Youtube: https://bit.ly/3AoJAHB

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