RADIUS - Features

Here is a list of all the key features of Radius:

Client/Server Model

  • NAS works as a client for the Radius server.

  • Radius server is responsible for getting user connection requests, authenticating the user, and then returning all the configuration information necessary for the client to deliver service to the user.

  • A Radius server can act as a proxy client to other Radius servers.

Network Security

  • Transactions between a client and a server are authenticated through the use of a shared key. This key is never sent over the network.

  • Password is encrypted before sending it over the network.

Flexible Authentication Mechanisms

Radius supports the following protocols for authentication purpose:

  • Point-to-Point Protocal - PPP

  • Password Authentication Protocol - PAP

  • Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol - CHAP

  • Simple UNIX Login

Extensible Protocol

Radius is extensible; most vendors of Radius hardware and software implement their own dialects.

Stateless protocol, using UDP, runs at port 1812.