Python PostgreSQL - Create Database

You can create a database in PostgreSQL using the CREATE DATABASE statement. You can execute this statement in PostgreSQL shell prompt by specifying the name of the database to be created after the command.


Following is the syntax of the CREATE DATABASE statement.



Following statement creates a database named testdb in PostgreSQL.

postgres=# CREATE DATABASE testdb;

You can list out the database in PostgreSQL using the \l command. If you verify the list of databases, you can find the newly created database as follows −

postgres=# \l
                                                List of databases
   Name    | Owner    | Encoding |        Collate             |     Ctype   |
mydb       | postgres | UTF8     | English_United States.1252 | ........... |
postgres   | postgres | UTF8     | English_United States.1252 | ........... |
template0  | postgres | UTF8     | English_United States.1252 | ........... |
template1  | postgres | UTF8     | English_United States.1252 | ........... |
testdb     | postgres | UTF8     | English_United States.1252 | ........... |
(5 rows)

You can also create a database in PostgreSQL from command prompt using the command createdb, a wrapper around the SQL statement CREATE DATABASE.

C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\bin> createdb -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres sampledb

Creating a Database Using Python

The cursor class of psycopg2 provides various methods execute various PostgreSQL commands, fetch records and copy data. You can create a cursor object using the cursor() method of the Connection class.

The execute() method of this class accepts a PostgreSQL query as a parameter and executes it.

Therefore, to create a database in PostgreSQL, execute the CREATE DATABASE query using this method.


Following python example creates a database named mydb in PostgreSQL database.

import psycopg2

#establishing the connection

conn = psycopg2.connect(
   database="postgres", user='postgres', password='password', 
   host='', port= '5432'
conn.autocommit = True

#Creating a cursor object using the cursor() method
cursor = conn.cursor()

#Preparing query to create a database
sql = '''CREATE database mydb''';

#Creating a database
print("Database created successfully........")

#Closing the connection


Database created successfully........