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Python Basics to Advanced in Telugu

Python Programming from Basics to Advanced

Created by Vijay Kumar Parvatha Reddy, Last Updated 24-Jan-2020, Language:Tegulu

What Will I Get ?

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.
  • Programmers switching languages to Python.
  • Intermediate Python programmers who want to level up their skills!
  • Database programmers & Web Developers.


  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • No paid tools are required as the tools required for this course are free.


This Python course covering all core concepts of Python starting from scratch.This is a all level course for both fresh programmers and also to experienced programmers working with other languages. 

It covers.......

  • Installation & Environment setup of Python

  • Fundamentals of Python including variables, operators,control structures etc..

  • All objects covered like Strings,Numbers,Date&Time,Lists,Tuples,Dictionaries,

  • How to develop your own Functions , Modules & Packages

  • Files (I/O) handling

  • Exceptions & Error Handling

  • Object Oriented Programming with Classes & Objects

  • Regular Expressions

  • CGI programming in Python

  • Database Programming in Python

  • XML Processing in Python

  • Network Programming

  • Multi-Threading

  • E-Mails through Python

  • GUI programming in Python

Course Content