Python Programming Fundamentals Zero to One (Hindi / Urdu)


Python Programming Fundamentals Zero to One (Hindi / Urdu)

Learn Python programming by doing hands-on practice in Hindi Urdu

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Course Description

This course is in Hindi / Urdu, This is beginners course, Any one want to learn Python programming from scratch. Here I am going through very basics like how computer works, What are different components of computer system and programming from basic to advanced. 

Topics : 

1) Programming Fundamentals

2) Python Introduction

•   What is Python?


•   History

•   Features – Easy, Dynamic Typed, Interpreted, Object oriented, Embeddable, Extensible, Large standard libraries, Free and Open source

•   Limitations of Python

•   What is Python Software Foundation?

•   Python implementations

•   Python applications

•   Python versions

•   Real time use case in industries

•   Python Implementation Alternatives/Flavors

•   Keywords

•   Identifiers

•   Constants / Literals

•   Data types

•   Python Syntax

•   Interactive Mode

•   Scripting Mode  | Normal Mode | Batch Mode

•   Programming Elements

•   Structure of Python program

•   First Python Application

3) Data Types

4) Operators

•   Arithmetic Operators

•   Comparison Operators

•   Python Assignment Operators

•   Logical Operators

•   Membership Operators

•   Identity Operators

•   Ternary Operator

•   Operator precedence

•   Difference between “is” vs “==”

5) String data type

  • Introduction

  • Sequence

  • Strings, List, Tuple, range

  • Set,, Dictionary

  • Strings

  • What is string

  • Representation of Strings

  • Processing elements using indexing

  • Processing elements using Iterators

  • Manipulation of String using Indexing and Slicing

  • String operators

  • Methods of String object

  • String Formatting

  • String functions

  • String Immutability

6) List Data Type

7) Tuple Data Type

8) Dictionary data type

9) Control Statements

  • Conditional control statements

  • If

  • If-else

  • If-elif-else

  • Nested-if

  • Loop control statements

  • for

  • while

  • Nested loops

  • Branching statements

  • Break

  • Continue

  • Pass

  • Return

10) Functions

11) Packages and modules


What will you learn in this course:

  • Python programming language fundamentals


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No programming experience needed. | zeal to learn | Beginner Python developers curious about computer science and programming
Python Programming Fundamentals Zero to One (Hindi / Urdu)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction | परिचय | تعارف
7 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction | परिचय | تعارف 02:13 02:13
  • play icon Course Content 05:50 05:50
  • play icon Introduction to Computers | कंप्यूटर का परिचय 15:06 15:06
  • play icon Introduction To Python 30:37 30:37
  • play icon Installation , Run Python Online 11:50 11:50
  • play icon Hello World! | हैलो वर्ल्ड! | ہیلو ورلڈ 21:44 21:44
  • play icon Short Notes
Python Basics | पायथन मूल बातें
5 Lectures
Operators | ऑपरेटर्स | آپریٹرز
4 Lectures
Flow Control Statements
8 Lectures
Other Basic Data Types
5 Lectures
Lets Fun() in Python
3 Lectures
Additional Python Concepts
4 Lectures

Instructor Details



Learner and Trainer

Hello friends, Here you will find courses related to Computer Science and Applications like Programming, Hardware , Security and many more in Urdu / Hindi / English Languages. I have 3+ years of experience in Computer Application and Programming.

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