Prototype - Number Processing

Prototype extends native JavaScript numbers in order to provide −

  • ObjectRange compatibility, through Number#succ.

  • Ruby-like numerical loops with Number#times.

  • Simple utility methods such as Number#toColorPart and Number#toPaddedString.

Here is the list of all the functions with examples dealing with Numbers.

Prototype Number Method

NOTE − Make sure you have the prototype.js version of 1.6.

S.No. Method & Description
1. abs()

Returns the absolute value of the number.

2. ceil()

Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the number.

3. floor()

Returns the largest integer less than or equal to the number.

4. round()

Rounds the number to the nearest integer.

5. succ()

Returns the successor of the current Number, as defined by current + 1. Used to make numbers compatible with ObjectRange.

6. times()

Encapsulates a regular [0..n] loop, Ruby-style.

7. toColorPart()

Produces a 2-digit hexadecimal representation of the number (which is therefore assumed to be in the [0..255] range). Useful for composing CSS color strings.

8. toJSON()

Returns a JSON string.

9. toPaddedString()

Converts the number into a string padded with 0s so that the string's length is at least equal to length.