Colette Abi Rached


American Sign Language Freelance Senior Trainer

I am a certified American Sign Language Trainer, based in Dubai UAE, offering courses to Companies, Institutions, Universities & Private groups. I am very passionate in teaching this beautiful language. Over the years, I have developed a unique & easy approach with my students to learn by relating signs to pictures and daily facts. In the last 10 years I have trained over 90% hospitality sector staff ie: Atlantis, Palazzo Versace, Shangri-La, Starwood chain hotels etc. & many major Dubai based companies & corporate groups. Author of book "ASL - Listen with your Eyes, Speak with your Hands " English & Arabic version - I use in my live teachings and I am using the same topics here at Tutorialspoint courses. All 3 levels will cover topics for everyday life situations, From Level 1 you'll be able to fingerspell any word, introduce yourself & sign a basic conversation. By the end of Level 3 you'll be able to hold full conversation with ease like a pro! The courses are carefully tailored and designed to keep you interested and keen to learn this beautiful language.