JavaScript Prime Pack

6 hand-picked video courses and e-book to master JavaScript


About the Prime Pack

At Tutorialspoint, we ensure professional success with our JavaScript Prime Pack. We have designed this pack to broaden your understanding of JavaScript fundamentals. Gain in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, Rest API, Redux, Material-UI, etc. Implement your JavaScript skills to build real-world applications like YouTube Search Engine, Image Downloader, Tic-Toe Game, and much more such applications.

Scope of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is one of the most legendary languages used by Web Developers

  • According to the latest job trends around 1.4+ Million, JavaScript Developers have been hired in the last 6 months

  • JavaScript developers can earn as much as $110,000 a year!

Why Should you get this Prime Pack: 

  • 6 Modules

  • 400+ Lectures

  • 40+ Hrs HD Videos

  • 8+ Mini Applications

  • Course Curated By Industry Experts

  • Up-to-Date Curriculum

  • 1 ebook

  • Full Lifetime Access

  • 30 Days Refund Policy

  • Certificate on each course Completion


  • Basics of JavaScript

  • Learn JQuery, ReactJS, Web Development, Programming

  • Understand the terminology and concepts of React and Redux

  • How to use JavaScript and Manipulate elements using JavaScript

  • Learn the ReactJS Framework


  • Passion for Web Development

  • A Computer with Internet

  • Some basic Computer knowledge

JavaScript Prime Pack
This Prime Pack Includes :

45 hours

6 Video Courses

1 eBooks

Lifetime Access