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Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

This course explores how to use PowerPoint effectively in the business environment

Created by Blair Cook, Last Updated 28-Dec-2019, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Discover how to prepare presentations using all the major features of PowerPoint.
  • Recognize how to develop multi-media assets using the various features of PowerPoint.
  • Identify best practices for using PowerPoint as a visual aid for any presentation.


  • No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.


This course explores how to use PowerPoint effectively in the business environment. The course not only covers the features of PowerPoint, but also how to use the features to create presentations that stand apart and engage the audience.

We explore how to use PowerPoint as an effective visual aid to supplement any presentation. We also discuss how PowerPoint can be used to create our own graphics and customize imagery to share our ideas visually with our audience. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Personal Development.
  • Anyone interested in Presentation Skills.

Course Content

Blair Cook

Thought Leaders in the Field of Executive Finance

A financial executive and corporate director with a broad base of experience working as a financial leader, catalyst, operator and steward in a number of public and private companies operating in a broad array of industries, with a deep background as a financial, consulting, and accounting educator providing professional development services to Big 4 Public Accounting Firms, universities, and professional institutes.

Specialties:Leadership, finance, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, auditing, instructional design, facilitation and instruction, authoring, decision analysis

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