PIC Microcontroller Communication with I2C

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PIC Microcontroller Communication with I2C

PIC Microcontroller Communication with I2C Bus: A step by step guide to Master I2C Protocol and Start using it

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

I²C (pronounced I-squared-C)

I²C Allows communication of data between I2C devices over two wires. which makes it easier for anyone to exchange information without too much wiring.

In this course you will learn what is I2C and why we are using it, then we will talk about the advantages of I2C .

Other topics that will be covered in this course:

  • How to operate using I2C

  • The working principle behind this very interesting and famous communication protocol

  • MikroC Pro Libraries for PIC Microcontroller I2C bus.

  • Code an example on how to implement I2C using micro C libraries

  • Why we do recommend using MikroC Pro for programming.

  • PIC projects with I2C

I'm sure that you will enjoy this Course and that you will learn a lot from it so stay tuned and join us on this journey that will take you to the next level in programming PIC Microcontroller and communicating with other devices.

Who we are?

Educational Engineering Team is a Leading Team in Microcontroller Industry, with over 11 Years of Experience in Teaching and Doing Practical Projects.

We strive to put all our hands-on experience in these courses. Instead of superficial knowledge - we go into the depth of the topic and give you the exact - step by step blueprint on how to tame simple as well as complex topics in easy and digestible bite-sized videos.

This real-world knowledge enables you to grasp knowledge easily, and you can apply this learning immediately to your life and projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in talking to multiple devices easily via I²C the right way
  • Anyone Interested in Interfacing Microcontroller with other ICs or devices via I²C
  • Anyone Interested in Controlling different devices using I²C Protocol
  • PIC Microcontroller and Arduino Lovers
  • Microcontrollers Geeks


What will you learn in this course:

  • What is I²C and how it works
  • Advantages of I²C
  • Disadvantages of I²C
  • I²C Operation
  • How to implement I²C in your project
  • What is the difference between I²C and other communication methods
  • Why using I²C will make your life easier
  • How to code I²C the right way and how to talk to multiple devices easily
  • A practical example of I²C enabled DS1307 Data and Time IC and how to read data from it using I²C


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • A computer to run the software
  • A basic knowledge in C Programming language
  • No Material is required for this Course
PIC Microcontroller Communication with I2C


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

4 Lectures
  • play icon Who We Are? 05:26 05:26
  • play icon What is I2C 03:34 03:34
  • play icon Things Your Need to Know about I2C 10:34 10:34
  • play icon Course Files
Advantages to I2C + Disadvantages to I2C
2 Lectures
I2C Bus Operation
2 Lectures
I2C Library Routines
1 Lectures
Simple I2C Example
3 Lectures
Practical Example Reading Data from DS1307 Time and Date IC
1 Lectures
Download and Install Software Section
2 Lectures

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Ashraf Said

Ashraf Said

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