Perform Soul Healing Miracles

Heal yourself and others with the power of the Soul

  Gilad James, PhD

   Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality, Spiritual Healing

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2020



This course teaches how to create soul healing miracles. You will learn sacred wisdom and how to apply practical techniques. Everyone can create his or her own soul healing miracles.

This course also teaches The Source Meditation and Source Mantras which are the absolute sacred way for healing, rejuvenation, prolonging life, and transforming all life.

Millions of people on Mother Earth are suffering from sicknesses in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Millions of people have limited or no access to healthcare. They want solutions.

Millions of people are searching for spiritual secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to transform their physical lives and spiritual lives. The key to physical life includes good health, good relationships, and flourishing finances. The key to soul life is to reach soul enlightenment.

What Will I Get ?

  • Boost energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.
  • Heal the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.
  • Prevent all sickness.
  • Transform all kinds of relationships.
  • Transform finances and business.
  • Rejuvenate soul, heart, mind and body.
  • Increase soul, heart and mind intelligence.
  • Open spiritual channels.
  • Bring success to every aspect of life.


  • Come with an open mind
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