Org.Json - Overview

org.json or JSON-Java is a simple Java based toolkit for JSON. You can use org.json to encode or decode JSON data.


  • Specification Compliant − JSON.simple is fully compliant with JSON Specification - RFC4627.

  • Lightweight − It have very few classes and provides the necessary functionalities like encode/decode and escaping json.

  • XML Conversion − It provides conversion capability from JSON to XML and vice-versa.

  • HTTP Headers − Supports HTTP Header conversion to JSON and vice versa.

  • Cookie − Provides support for Cookie conversion to JSON and vice versa.

  • CDL − Provides support to convert comma separated list to JSON and vice versa.

  • No dependency − No external library dependency. Can be independently included.

  • Java 1.6-1.11 compatible − Source code and the binary are Java 1.6-1.11 compatible