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    • Operating System
      1 Lectures
    • Process
      6 Lectures
    • Threads
      1 Lectures
    • CPU Scheduling
      6 Lectures
    • Process Synchronization
      10 Lectures
    • Deadlocks
      8 Lectures
    • Memory Management
      16 Lectures
    • Virtual Memory
      11 Lectures
    • File System
      4 Lectures
    • Input Output System
      9 Lectures
    • Disk Management
      10 Lectures
    • Protection
      1 Lectures
    • Security
      3 Lectures
  • Description

    Any software engineer should have a good understanding of Operating Systems and how they function. In this video tutoial, the tutor covers all the fundamental concepts of operating systems in a clear and concise manner. We will start with a brief introduction and then move on to cover a range of topics such as Process Management, Threads, Scheduling of CPU, Process Synchronization, and Deadlocks. In addition, we will also discuss Memory Management, File System, and Input and Output systems.


    These video classes have been developed based on the latest GATE syllabus and will be useful for undergraduate students of Computer Science and Information Technology as well as those preparing for GATE exams. It will also be helpful for students in preparing them for their Engineering Syllabus.

Operating System
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86 Lectures

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