NativeScript - Creating an Application in iOS

This chapter explains about how to publish your Native app in App Store. Go through the below steps to publish your app.


To perform this, you must need the following prerequisites −

  • Certificate for distribution

  • Distribution provisioning profile

  • Registered bundle ID in iOS Dev center

  • App record in iTunes Connect

Steps to publish your app

Below are the steps to publish your app −

Step 1: Open NativeScript Sidekick

Launch NativeScript Sidekick and open your app in Sidekick.

Step 2: Select publish

Go to toolbar and select publish option from the toolbar. It is shown below −


Now, select Apple App Store option. It looks similar to the below image −

Apple App Store

Step 3: Manage iOS provision and certificates

Click the Apple App Store cogwheel icon and choose browse option and add the details.


Step 4: Build your app

Next, click build option and build your app and wait till the process to complete.

Step 5: Provide credentials

This is your final step. Specify Apple Username and Password in your account and click upload and check the confirmation message. If you want to submit your app for review, then go to iTunes Connect and submit it.

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