MVC Framework - Architecture

In the last chapter, we studied the high-level architecture flow of MVC Framework. Now let us take a look at how the execution of an MVC application takes place when there is a certain request from the client. The following diagram illustrates the flow.

MVC Flow Diagram

MVC Flow

Flow Steps

Step 1 − The client browser sends request to the MVC Application.

Step 2 − Global.ascx receives this request and performs routing based on the URL of the incoming request using the RouteTable, RouteData, UrlRoutingModule and MvcRouteHandler objects.

Step 3 − This routing operation calls the appropriate controller and executes it using the IControllerFactory object and MvcHandler object's Execute method.

Step 4 − The Controller processes the data using Model and invokes the appropriate method using ControllerActionInvoker object

Step 5 − The processed Model is then passed to the View, which in turn renders the final output.

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