Mountain Biking - Trails

Trails play an important role in deciding the type of variant. As all types of mountain sports follow different terrains for their racing, all of them mostly opt for off road terrains. Mountain biking is categorized based on the type of terrains used.

  • Cross Country Biking − In case of cross country biking, the trails are kept simple with moderate complexity. Mostly rough forest paths and fire roads are used for this type. In case of downhill, steep and rough terrains are used that are in descending or sloppy format. In case of free mountain riding, the terrains are made for free riding and no special trail rules are there for free riding.

  • Enduro − In case of Enduro, the terrains used are descending as well as full of technical obstacles.

  • Dirt Jumping − In dirt jumping, custom moulds made of dirt are used on the terrain.

  • Trail Riding − In trail riding, off road terrains like rail trails, fire roads are used, which have less technical complexities as this biking type is considered as a recreational activity.