Most Complete Teaching of OSPF by Arash Deljoo

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Most Complete Teaching of OSPF by Arash Deljoo

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Course Description

OSPF is an interior gateway protocol (IGP) for routing Internet Protocol (IP) packets within a single routing domain, such as an autonomous system. It gathers link state information from available routers and constructs a topology map of the network. The topology is presented as a routing table to the Internet Layer which routes packets based solely on their destination IP address.

OSPF detects changes in the topology, such as link failures, and converges on a new loop-free routing structure within seconds. It computes the shortest-path tree for each route using a method based on Dijkstra's algorithm. The OSPF routing policies for constructing a route table are governed by link metrics associated with each routing interface. Cost factors may be the distance of a router (round-trip time), data throughput of a link, or link availability and reliability, expressed as simple unitless numbers. This provides a dynamic process of traffic load balancing between routes of equal cost.

OSPF divides the network into routing areas to simplify administration and optimize traffic and resource utilization. Areas are identified by 32-bit numbers, expressed either simply in decimal, or often in the same octet-based dot-decimal notation used for IPv4 addresses. By convention, area 0 (zero), or, represents the core or backbone area of an OSPF network. While the identifications of other areas may be chosen at will, administrators often select the IP address of a main router in an area as the area identifier. Each additional area must have a connection to the OSPF backbone area. Such connections are maintained by an interconnecting router, known as an area border router (ABR). An ABR maintains separate link-state databases for each area it serves and maintains summarized routes for all areas in the network.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Understanding OSPF Concepts , Configuration and Verification


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Network+ or CCNA 
Most Complete Teaching of OSPF by Arash Deljoo


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

29 Lectures
  • play icon OSPF Fundamentals 01:12:22 01:12:22
  • play icon OSPF Basic Configuration and Verification 01:20:16 01:20:16
  • play icon OSPF Single Area - Traditional Configuration [1] 53:03 53:03
  • play icon OSPF Single Area - Traditional Configuration [2] 34:22 34:22
  • play icon OSPF Single Area - Explicit Configuration 16:36 16:36
  • play icon OSPF Single Area with Multi Access Network 44:48 44:48
  • play icon OSPF Static Neighborship 27:09 27:09
  • play icon OSPF Dynamic Neighborship (A) 01:10:20 01:10:20
  • play icon OSPF Dynamic Neighborship (B) 54:50 54:50
  • play icon OSPF Packets and States and Static Neighborship 01:00:57 01:00:57
  • play icon OSPF Finite State Machine [FSM] 57:12 57:12
  • play icon 12 OSPF - OSPF DR and BDR 44:23 44:23
  • play icon OSPF LSA TYPE-1 ( Router LSA ) 46:40 46:40
  • play icon OSPF LSA TYPE-2 ( Network LSA ) 35:47 35:47
  • play icon OSPF LSA TYPE-3 ( Summary LSA ) 31:04 31:04
  • play icon OSPF LSA TYPE-5 ( External LSA ) 19:35 19:35
  • play icon OSPF LSA TYPE-4 ( ASBR-Summary ) 10:44 10:44
  • play icon OSPF LSA Types Example 56:51 56:51
  • play icon OSPF Determining the Next Hop 44:17 44:17
  • play icon OSPF Special Rule 13:29 13:29
  • play icon OSPF Default Route Advertisement 31:59 31:59
  • play icon OSPF Area Types 01:25:40 01:25:40
  • play icon OSPF Cost and Path Selection Rules 01:05:22 01:05:22
  • play icon OSPF Summarization 40:39 40:39
  • play icon OSPF Virtual Links 01:03:24 01:03:24
  • play icon OSPF Network Types 46:08 46:08
  • play icon OSPF Neighbor Adjacencies Troubleshooting 01:19:06 01:19:06
  • play icon OSPF Routes Troubleshooting 01:09:32 01:09:32
  • play icon OSPF Miscellaneous Issues and Trouble Tickets 59:39 59:39
6 Lectures
7 Lectures
14 Lectures
OSPF Design
4 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Arash Deljoo

Arash Deljoo

Arash is an experienced Cisco engineer with 15 years of experience working in network engineering, communications, and education–particularly in training with E-learning companies. He earned a MSc in power electrical engineering from Tehran Polytechnic.  He produces training courses in Persian and English.

The total number of his students in face-to-face and online teaching courses has been more than 10,000.

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