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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


MongoDB provides specific supports for functionalities related to 2d and 3d geospatial problems.

Q 2 - Within how much time does MongDB writes are written to the journal?

A - 60 s

B - 100 ms

C - 1 s

D - 100 s

Answer : B


Writes are physically written to the journal within 100 milliseconds, by default.

Answer : A


The $gt, $lt and related operators can be applied for string manipulations too. They work in the same manner as they would work on numeric values.

Q 4 - Consider that the posts collection contains an array called ratings which contains ratings given to the post by various users in the following format:

         _id: 1,
         post_text: “This is my first post”,
         ratings: [5, 4, 2, 5],
         //other elements of document 			

Which of the following query will return all the documents where the array ratings contains at least one element between 3 and 6?

A - db.inventory.find( { ratings: { $elemMatch: { $gt: 3, $lt: 6 } } } )

B - db.inventory.find( { ratings: { ratings: { $gt: 5, $lt: 9 } } } )

C - db.inventory.find( { ratings: { ratings.$: { $gt: 5, $lt: 9 } } } )

D - db.inventory.find( { ratings: { $elemMatch: { $gte: 3, $lte: 6 } } } )

Answer : A


$elemMatch operator is used to specify multiple criteria on the elements of an array such that at least one array element satisfies all the specified criteria.

Q 5 - If the value of totalKeysExamined is 30000 and the value of totalDocsExamined is 0, which of the following option is correct?

A - The query used an index to fetch the results

B - The query returned 30000 documents after scanning the documents

C - The query returned 0 documents

D - None of the above

Answer : A


When an index covers a query, the explain result has an IXSCAN stage that is not a descendant of a FETCH stage, and in the executionStats, the totalDocsExamined is 0.

Q 6 - What is the default size of a GridFS chunk?

A - 16 MB

B - 255 K

C - 1 MB

D - 2 MB

Answer : B


By default GridFS limits chunk size to 255k.

Answer : A


The above query basically matches all the documents having likes between 100 and 200. After that, it just specifies that aggregation is not to be done with any specific column (_id:null) and increments the count every time. Thus calculating the total such posts.

Q 8 - What is a replica set node which does not maintain its own data but exists only for voting purpose called?

A - Secondary

B - Arbiter

C - Delayed

D - Hidden

Answer : B


We may add an extra mongod instance to a replica set as an arbiter. Arbiters do not maintain a data set. Arbiters only exist to vote in elections. If your replica set has an even number of members, add an arbiter to obtain a majority of votes in an election for primary. Arbiters do not require dedicated hardware

Q 10 - Which of the following operator can be used to control the number of items of an array that a query returns?

A - $

B - $elemMatch

C - $slice

D - MongoDB does not support partial retrieval of items from an array

Answer : C


The $slice operator controls the number of items of an array that a query returns.