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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


MongoDB provides specific supports for functionalities related to 2d and 3d geospatial problems.

Q 2 - What is the output of the following program?

A - 60 s

B - 100 ms

C - 1 s

D - 100 s

Answer : A


In the default configuration, MongoDB writes data to the main data files on disk every 60 seconds.

Q 3 - Consider that our posts collection contains an array field called tags that contains tags that the user enters.

            _id: 1,
            tags: [“tutorial”, “fun”, “learning”],
            post_text: “This is my first post”,	
            //other elements of document  	

Which of the following commands will find all the posts that have been tagged as tutorial.

A - db.posts.find( { tags : "tutorial" } );

B - db.posts.find( { tags : ["tutorial"] } );

C - db.posts.find( { $array : {tags: "tutorial"} } );

D - db.posts.findInArray( { tags : "tutorial" } );

Answer : A


Searching an array is no different than searching a normal field. Hence the first option.

Answer : B


{multi:true} should be used for this purpose. By default, MongoDB will update only the first document.

Q 5 - Which option should be used with findAndModify() command to return the modified document instead of the pre-modification document?

A - findAndModify by default returns the pre-modification document

B - Set {new : true}

C - Use the POST version of findAndModify called findAndModifyPost

D - Both b and c are valid

Answer : B


When true, returns the modified document rather than the original. The findAndModify() method ignores the new option for remove operations. The default is false.

Q 6 - What is the default size of a GridFS chunk?

A - 16 MB

B - 255 K

C - 1 MB

D - 2 MB

Answer : B


By default GridFS limits chunk size to 255k.

Answer : A


You have to give state and city as the key to group by and then calculate the sum of the population in each city.

Q 8 - In a replica set, a ________ number of members ensures that the replica set is always able to select a primary.

A - Odd

B - Even

C - Depends on the application architecture

D - 2

Answer : A


An odd number of members ensures that the replica set is always able to elect a primary. If you have an even number of members, add an arbiter to get an odd number.

Q 9 - We can insert multiple documents in bulk using which of the following operations:

A - initializeUnorderedBulkOp

B - initializeBulkOp

C - initializeBulk

D - initializeUnorderedBulk

Answer : A


The initializeUnorderedBulkOp operation returns an unordered operations builder which maintains a list of operations to perform. Unordered operations means that MongoDB can execute in parallel as well as in nondeterministic order.

Answer : A


The $slice operation selects the document collection identified by a field named field that holds value and returns the number of elements specified by the value of count from the array stored in the array field.