MomentJS Tutorial

MomentJS Tutorial

MomentJS is a JavaScript library which helps is parsing, validating, manipulating and displaying date and time in JavaScript in a very easy way. MomentJS can be used directly inside a browser and also with Node.js. Working with dates and time using JavaScript can be quite challenging, specifically if you have lots of manipulation to be done with dates. MomentJS comes with lots of features that eases your work with date and time.


This tutorial is designed for software programmers who want to learn the basics of MomentJS and its programming concepts in simple and easy way. This tutorial will give you enough understanding on various functionalities of MomentJS with suitable examples.


This tutorial is designed keeping in mind that its readers have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are new to these concepts, we recommend you to go through relevant tutorials and gain an understanding on them, before you proceed with this tutorial.