Microservice Architecture & Pattern With Java Spring Boot / Cloud

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Microservice Architecture & Pattern With Java Spring Boot / Cloud

Microservice architecture & patterns for many use cases. With full code examples using Java Spring Boot & Spring Cloud

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Course Description

Before you purchase:

  • The course will be focused on architecture & microservice patterns, not how to hand-code the application.

  • You will get full source code (downloadble). I will explain the code & algorithm, but we will not learn how to code line-by-line.

  • To get full understanding of sample code, you must know how to code with Java Spring. 

  • Basic spring programming with REST API is NOT covered in this course.

  • If you need to know the concept, you don't need to know Spring programming


Microservice architecture has become general choice for modern application development. It solves certain problems, although it is not a solution for ecerything. 

When using microservice, complexity shifts, and mindset change required. Technical challenges will arise and must be addressed. Fortunately, many people already facing the same technical challenges and developed a solution. These solutions become common patterns to solve thes problems. Thus, it become design patterns for microservices architecture.

There are many patterns to design and implement microservices.

Microservices is -by nature- distributed system, thus some technical challenges comes from this nature. Communication among services in distributed places require different approach to works efficiently. In this course, we will learn many things :

  1. what is microservice architecture

  2. microservice chassis to boost productivity

  3. organize clean & standard microservice code

  4. communication among services : synchronous, asynchronous

  5. service discovery

  6. handling communication error

  7. synchronize data & keeping data integrity on transaction which involves several distributed services

  8. capture changed data in real time, in reliable way

  9. querying data from multiple services

  10. event sourcing, replaying data flow

  11. API gateway concept

  12. composing several API

  13. cache

  14. monitoring services

  15. tracing call chain that involves several services

  16. centralized log & exception tracking

  17. deploy the application as docker container

This course will be delivered with full sample code using Java Spring Boot & Spring Cloud.

Several other tools that we will use on this course :

  • Apache Kafka (will use a lot of this!)

  • MySQL

  • Debezium

  • Docker

  • Hashicorp Consul

  • Hashicorp Vault

  • Elasticsearch

  • Logstash

  • Kibana

  • Zipkin

  • Kong API management


What will you learn in this course:

  • Microservice architecture & patterns that can be used to design good microservice-based application
  • Identify technical challenges & common pitfalls when designing microservice application, and how to handle them using proven patterns
  • Example code on Spring Boot & Spring Cloud with various technologies : Apache Kafka, Consul, API Gateway, Hashicorp Vault, Circuit Breaker
  • Deploy & monitor your microservice application using various technologies : Docker, Zipkin, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Exception Tracking Service


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • The focus is NOT on coding course. We will see full, detail code & explanation, but not line-by-line hands-on.
  • This course has theory & code part, if you're not interested in code part, no requirement needed.
  • You must know Java Spring programming if you want to fully understand sample code. This course will NOT teach basic Java Spring programming
  • If you want to run sample code, you need a computer with enough memory (at least 8 GB, ideally 16 GB)
  • For convenience, use Linux, Mac, or Windows 10 Professional edition. Older Windows version, or Windows 10 Home should possible runs docker too using Docker Toolbox.
Microservice Architecture & Pattern With Java Spring Boot / Cloud


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

2 Lectures
  • play icon Welcome 02:11 02:11
  • play icon Tips : How To Get Maximum Value From This Course 05:56 05:56
Basic Idea of Microservices
2 Lectures
How To Run The Sample Codes
3 Lectures
Microservice Chassis
3 Lectures
Clean & Standard Microservice Source Code
2 Lectures
Services Communication
8 Lectures
Data Transaction Across Services
11 Lectures
Query Data From Multiple Services
5 Lectures
Event Sourcing with Axon Framework
2 Lectures
API Gateway
5 Lectures
2 Lectures
Prepare For Production
6 Lectures
Resources & References
2 Lectures

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Timotius Pamungkas

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