Microcontroller Interfacing with Different Elements

This is a Step By Step Guide to Interfacing Different electronic Elements with Microcontrollers


Everything you wanted to know about Interfacing different elements with Microcontrollers but was too afraid to ask, or Asked without getting Answers!

This is a Step By Step Guide to Interfacing Different electronic Elements with Different Microcontrollers including (Leds, Switches and buttons, 7 Segments, LCD Liquid crystal display, Pizeo Sound Speaker, Sounder, Relay, Transistor and Darlington Transistors).

This Bundle Consists of More than 40 Lecture with more than 3 hours of HD Video Content and supplementary material in which we cover every aspect of Electronic Elements Interfacing including teaching you how it works, the concept behind interfacing each element, abd how to simulate and connect everything in real life, I can assure you that after this course you will be a professional in Interfacing Different electronic elements with Different Microcontrollers (PIC Microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other types)

Why You should take this Course:

  • More than 3 Hour of Full HD Content

  • More than 3 Quizzes

  • 15 articles

  • 10 downloadable resources

  • Supporting Material and Example Codes

  • Step by step explanation of connection diagrams and coding stages

  • Certificate of Completion when you finish the course

  • Simulation and Practical lessons to Cover everything there is to know

Elements that we will cover in this Course:

  • Leds

  • Switches and buttons

  • 7 Segments

  • LCD Liquid crystal display

  • Pizeo Sound Speaker

  • Sounder

  • Relay

  • Transistor

  • Darlington Transistors

This Course can work for Any type of Microcontrollers

  • Arduino

  • PIC Microcontroller

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Any other type

Who this course is for:

  • Microcontrollers Geeks
  • Arduino Geeks
  • Raspberry Pi Geeks
  • PIC Microcontroller Geeks
  • Engineering students
  • Anyone Interested in Different electronic Elements with Microcontrollers
  • Anyone Interested in Controlling Different electronic Elements with Microcontrollers
  • PIC Microcontroller Lovers
  • Technology hobbyists
  • Computer programmers


  • Interface Different electronic Elements with Microcontrollers
  • Write a Code to Make Your Microcontroller recognize different electronic Elements and interact with it
  • Control different electronic Elements
  • Embed code in the design
  • Interface Leds with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Switches with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface buttons with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface 7 Segments with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface LCD Liquid crystal display
  • Interface Pizeo Sound Speaker with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Sounder with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Relay with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Transistor with Your Microcontroller
  • Interface Darlington Transistors with Your Microcontroller


  • A computer to run the software
  • A basic knowledge in Programming in any language
  • Download and Install Proteus Professional (FREE & Explained inside the Course)
  • Download and Install MikroC Pro (FREE & Explained inside the Course)
  • Download The course Material in PDF and Print them if possible
  • Students must have the knowledge of basic electronics
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  • Introduction
  • Who we Are?
  • Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Interfacing a Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • LED Interfacing Explained with Example
  • LED Practical
  • Switch Interfacing
  • LDR Interfacing
  • 7 Segment Lesson
  • 7 Segment Display Interfacing
  • LCD Display Interfacing
  • Pizeo Sound Tone Interfacing
  • Interfacing a Transistor
  • Buzzer Interfacing
  • Relay Interfacing
  • Darlington Driver IC Interfacing
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Microcontroller Interfacing with Different Elements
This Course Includes
  • 1.5 hours
  • 16 Lectures
  • 1 Resources
  • Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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