Metaverse Essentials for Beginners

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Metaverse Essentials for Beginners


updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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Lectures -13

Duration -1.5 hours


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Course Description

Everyone is wondering the same thing: What is the Metaverse?!

In this Metaverse Essentials for Beginners course you can get a complete introduction to the new digital world, WEB 3.0, Blockchain, VR-AR and much more. You will learn everything you need to know about the Metaverse and why it is coming at us by storm.

After completing this course, you will be in a position to master the core concepts of the Metaverse. You will also have a better understanding of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Mixed Reality including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Successful completion of the course is considered proof of having a comprehensive understanding of the Metaverse and of being well equipped with the technologies involved in the Metaverse ecosystem.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is a Metaverse and what its composed of
  • Where to invest in the Metaverse
  • Why cryptocurrencies will be the payment solution in the Metaverse
  • What is WEB 3.0 but also VR-AR
  • What will the current industries look like in the Metaverse
  • Why Blockchain solves only one problem in the Metaverse
  • What Launchpads are and how you can use them
  • The relation between NFTs and the metaverse


What will you learn in this course:

  • Understand the Metaverse concept and its applications: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Metaverse, including its underlying technologies, potential uses, and impact on various industries.

  • Explore virtual worlds and platforms: Familiarize yourself with popular virtual worlds and platforms within the Metaverse, learning how to navigate, interact, and engage in immersive experiences.

  • Harness opportunities in the Metaverse: Discover potential opportunities for personal and professional growth within the Metaverse, whether it's in virtual entrepreneurship, social networking, entertainment, or creative expression.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • This Metaverse Essentials for Beginners course is open to all, with no formal entry requirements.

Metaverse Essentials for Beginners


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Module 1: Course Introduction
2 Lectures
  • play icon Course introduction 08:03 08:03
  • play icon What is the purpose of the course? 04:26 04:26
Module 2: Metaverse, the trillion-dollar bet
4 Lectures
Module 3: Metaverse, a world created by humans
5 Lectures
Module 4: Monetize the Metaverse
1 Lectures
Module 5: Final thoughts!
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

International Open Academy

International Open Academy

International Open Academy or IOA is an educational membership platform for people looking to upgrade their professional and personal skills or launch a new freelance career with marketable qualifications. It offers 1.5m members affordable access to an ever-expanding library of premium content, with 200+ online courses currently available.

Fueled by the energy of creative people working on the same mission, IOA strives to keep its content captivating and entertaining by partnering with engaging educators and popular YouTube, Instagram & TikTok creators to deliver learnings in a supportive environment.

Its courses carry international accreditation to ensure educational standards and facilitate professional development. Its certificates increase the market value of graduates. IOA training is recognized and accepted by professional member bodies and academic institutions worldwide.

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