Mastering Internet of things

Arduino, ESP 8266/32 and Raspberry pi are commonly & widely used IOT devices.


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   Published on 06/2021



Become an expert in IoT in shortest possible time. 

Most IOT courses focuses on one IOT device, this is an ultimate bundled course focuses on with multiple devices (Arduino UNO, Node MCU - 8266/32 and Raspberry Pi) and would truly stand out in the crowd.  By this, learner would appreciate & able to choose the IOT device best suited for an application .

Few of the unique features of the course are:

   All in one course

  • This course has explanation and live demonstration on the most widely used IOT boards, namely.

  • Arduino  Uno , Node MCU - ESP 8266 / ESP32 - Understand and use micro python, the latest programming languages in IOT & Raspberry Pi

  • Micro python are  increasingly getting adopted these days in tiny micro controller IoT devices. Towards this, the course provide complete explanation right from flashing (installing) micro-python firmware in a micro controller IoT device - namely ESP Node MCU - 8266 up to its integration to cloud. 

    Added to this, has simple and easy to understand demonstration on REST API and MQTT protocols which are widely used in resource constrained IOT devices such as ESP NODE MCU - 8266, Raspberry pi etc.

  • For better understanding on cloud integration data analytics with IoT, wide range of open source platform as a service cloud(PaaS)  have been used:

  • Openweathermap

  • Cloudmqtt 

  • Thinkspeak 

  • google assistant with  IFTTT , Adafruit IO dashboard

  • Mydevices

  • Voice based IOT - smart building application using NODE MCU 8266 . This is demonstrated using open source application and mobile app - google assistant.

  • Finally, all the code units (micropython ,python & Arduino IDE) used in the course are available in the resources for download.

Once you have gone through the course, you would have a expert level understanding of not only IOT devices but also the some of the critical protocols used in IoT and its integration to cloud platform. More importantly, all this is explained through the widely used IoT language of Python.

Good luck on being early adopter of IOT and on your journey of exploring the next generation technology revolution!

Happy learning!!!.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn and approciate the difference between Arduino Uno, NODE MCU 8266 / 32 and Raspberry Pi and which one to use for the building IOT application based on requirement
  • Quickly learn about Arduino Uno, NODE MCU 8266 / 32 and Raspberry PI along with critical protocols and its communication to cloud
  • Understand how micropython firmware are deployed or embedded on to IOT devices like NODEMCU ESP 8266 / ESP 32
  • Understand commonly used IOT protocols such as REST API (http), MQTT through IOT based demonstration.
  • Single course - Get hands on with multiple : IOT Devices, protocols and cloud applications
  • IOT Board comparison - Node MCU ESP 8266 Vs ESP 32 || Raspberry Pi 3 model B Vs Raspberry Pi 4
  • Hands-on demonstartion with Arduino Uno, NODE MCU 8266 and Raspberry Pi


  • Basic electronics and some programming knowledge & experience particularly in python is desirable
  • Hardware : IOT boards - Arduino UNO, NODEMCU ESP 8266 /32 , Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 - This would be based on the activity you wish to build or practice
  • Hardware: Other Components - Few resistors, potentiometer (5K~10K OHM), breadboard, LEDs, DHT 11 sensor
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