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This course covers the main topics of Transfer Pricing based on OECD guidelines. This course follows a dynamic and straightforward method, including general concepts, pricing methods with examples, the arm's length principle in practice with real case studies, adjustments and transfer pricing documentation.

In addition, as an extra, a complete course in finance is also offered to provide you with a comprehensive overview of business management, accounting and corporate restructuring that allows the student to delve deeper into complex issues.

The study of finance, business and tax issues can prepare you not only for careers in the financial, business and corporate services sector, but also for the tasks of your daily life. Revolving around planning and analysis, studying finance and becoming more financially literate allows you to make better personal financial decisions. It doesn't matter if you work in technology or education, consulting or advertising. Your company needs cash flow to do things like pay everyone's salary, distribute dividends and reinvest in product innovation. Even if you don't manage a budget, finance is at the heart of business decision making. 

From a business perspective, this course will help you develop the company's capital budget, form an optimal capital structure, manage working capital and other aspects that executives need to be aware of when managing businesses.

The course is highly recommended for professionals, students or participants with little or no transfer pricing experience, although it is also suitable for those who have previous transfer pricing experience and wish to refresh or consolidate their understanding of the subject.


  • Define the importance of international transfer pricing for multinational corporate groups and tax administrations.
  • Analyze a country's legal framework for transfer pricing, taking into account the OECD guidelines.
  • Interpret the arm's length principle, the comparability concept and the transfer pricing methods of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.
  • Define the purpose and content of transfer pricing documentation.
  • Analyze transfer pricing in relation to other related topics such as accounting (adjusting entry), tax implications and corporate restructuring.


  • This course covers, in detail, the essentials of transfer pricing, based on the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, the course addresses the importance of transfer pricing, the legal framework and the practical application of the arm's length principle with real examples and case studies. 
  • The course is highly recommended for all students of tax, law, accounting, finance, business who are interested in transfer pricing issues. 
  • It is not necessary to have knowledge or experience with transfer pricing, the course presents you with a comprehensive and easy to approach overview.
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  • Introduction to Transfer Pricing course - overview
  • Main topics covered in this course
  • Main concepts
  • Class Introduction to Transfer Pricing
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Transfer Pricing
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