Reading on How to Order Food at a Restaurant

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Course Description

This course is designed for students who completed ESL Beginners courses in Reading, Listening, and Speaking. In this course, students will learn to how read through a Restaurant menu, pronounce words such as Appetizer, Main Course, Desserts Beverages, names of food, desserts, drinks, and prices that are listed on the menu.

Students will be required to participate in Class activities as Role plays, acting as a Waiter, Waitress, a Bystander, and Customers in three types of restaurants as a way of practicing on how to order food in English. They will receive instructions on how to set up these restaurants in class. Students will be appointed to be Speakers to introduce each group in front of the class. These Speakers will tell their Class members to watch their Classmates act as Waiters, Waitresses, a Bystander, other roles, write down notes on what they have seen in each Restaurant play. The Speakers will encourage their classmates to questions after each play about their experiences in ordering food in each restaurant. Students will learn how to fill out Order tickets like a Waiter and a Waitress. Students will complete follow up activities as part of their Homework Assignment and talk about their experiences during class discussion time. This will help them to learn how to read and pronounce different types of Appetizers, Main Course dishes, Desserts, drinks, select what they want to order and communicate with the Waiter or Waitress. Students are required to attend all classes, participate in Class discussions, Activities, class and Homework assignments, Quizzes, and final exam.

Grading Criteria

Attendance                                              15%

Class Assignment and Group Activity      20%

Homework Assignment                            20%

Quizzes                                                    20%

Final Exam                                               25%


  • Learn how to communicate with a  Waiter, Waitress, or a Front Desk Staff for Table assignment.
  • Learn through the reading, how to verify Restaurant reservation.
  • How to order a Main course with Appetizer, dessert, and drinks with a Waiter or Waitress.
  • Ask questions about the Main courses on the Menu.
  • Ask what type of Appetizers that come with each Main course
  • Ask what type of drinks and dessert that they have at the Restaurant.
  • How to talk to others whom you invited to join you for lunch or dinner at the restaurant.
  • Asking the Waiter or Waitress for the bill
  • How to leave a Tip for the Waiter or Waitress
  • Thanking the Waiter or Waitress, who served you at the restaurant.


  • Beginners ESL courses in Reading and Speaking

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  • How to Order Food In a Restaurant
  • A Waitress taking Food Orders
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Reading on How to Order Food at a Restaurant
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