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Management Advisory Services: Change Management

Created by Blair Cook, Last Updated 30-Dec-2019, Language:English

Management Advisory Services: Change Management

Learn how to manage a sustainable change processes

Created by Blair Cook, Last Updated 30-Dec-2019, Language:English


  • Experience with supervising others


In this course we look at corporate change from all perspectives. 

First, you learn how to weigh the cost of corporate initiatives against the intended benefits and how to apply change management principles to the challenges of implementing change.  Then we take an in-depth look at change from the perspective of the employee and outline how to develop an approach to enable you to drive initiatives successfully throughout the organization.  Finally, you learn how organizations are adapting to continuous change by changing aspects of their organizational structure.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan your next significant change management initiative
  • Structure your organization to accommodate and adapt to change
  • Play a leadership role in advocating the need and facilitating the execution of change

Course Content

Blair Cook

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