Manage Your Content To Make It Work For You

With any type of website you‘re working with, one thing is constant… you’ll always need to provide some sort of content

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Hi, and welcome to this course on content management.

Regardless of the type of website you‘re working with, one thing is constant… you’ll always need to provide some sort of content.

With a sales letter site, where you’re specifically promoting one particular product, your focus will be entirely on causing the viewer to ultimately make that purchase. In that case, killer sales copy is the only content required.

Content driven websites are a whole different story. The task is and always will be to provide ongoing relevant information. At the same time, of course, you’ll be building the size of the website by creating additional subject-relevant (and hopefully keyword-rich) pages.

Then there’s the AdSense website. Although its primary purpose is to gain revenue from targeted Google ads, content will always be a major factor in generating viewer traffic. Not just from the start but as a continuing process whereby additional traffic and revenue are achieved.

For the most part, there are three specific categories of content… sales copy, articles, and RSS feeds. Join with me and we will look at them in detail.

Whether you’re using letter creation software or writing your sales copy from scratch, the following components - ones that are most relevant to superior content - will help you achieve the best results.

Your first objective, of course, is to grab the viewer’s attention.

Remember, from the time someone lands on your sales page, you’ve only got a few seconds to capture their interest. So you’ll want to start with a compelling headline, something that will result in the following two reactions... One, the headline immediately stops them from passing on through. Second, the headline causes them to quickly and eagerly dive into the content of your sales letter.

I have included 8 lectures on how to gain testimonials with 12.5 tips on how to get the best testimonials about your product or service.

And at the end of the course I have included several lectures from another course I have published on content writing to help you improve yours.  These are included at the request of early students to this course.

There is so much more to managing your content so please join me on the inside where you will learn how to "Manage Your Content To Make It Work For You"

Who this course is for:

  • This is for anyone looking to improve their website, perhaps become a copy writer or even launch your first site


  • You will dive into three types of content: Sales Copy, Web Articles and RSS Feeds
  • I will give you three ways to get great sales copy on your site

  • We will go into detail on how to write sales copy that works

  • Articles, great articles are a must on any website I will teach you how to get the best articles on your site

  • When it comes to RSS Feeds you can do it wrong and it's still okay or you can do it right and make money


  •  All you need is to finish the course to gain the desired outcome

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  • Introduction
  • Sales Copy
  • Sales Letter Creator
  • Write Your Own Sales Copy
  • The Tone
  • The Framework
  • Lets Look At Your Prospects Mindset
  • Testimonial Question To Ask
  • How To Address Specific Objections
  • What If I Don't Have Any Customers
  • I Don't Like Asking For Testimonials
  • 12.5 Tips
  • Keeping It All Legal
  • Articles
  • RSS Feeds
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Manage Your Content To Make It Work For You
This Course Includes
  • 2 hours
  • 21 Lectures
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