Make a Cinematic Car Chase Short Film Animation in Blender

person icon Abdelilah Hamdani

Make a Cinematic Car Chase Short Film Animation in Blender

Learn Animation, 3D Modeling, Rig Texture, Render Car Animations in Blender and Build Your Game in Unreal Engine & Unity

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

language icon Language - English

person icon Abdelilah Hamdani

architecture icon 3D & Animation,Design,Photorealistic Rendering

Lectures -49

Resources -7

Duration -8 hours


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Course Description

[NEW UPDATES] - Game Design & Development: Build Your Own Game on PC and Play using Unreal Engine & Unity 3D

In part II of this course, we will jump into Game Design, learn Unity & Unreal Engine, and Build our own game. You will:

  • Learn Environment Optimization for Game Design

  • Bake Textures the Right Way for Game Design

  • Set Car Controller: Drive Your Own Car in Unity & Unreal Engine

  • Learn to Import Assets from Blender to Unity & Unreal Engine

  • Build & Play Your Game on your Own Android Mobile Phone

  • Learn Unity 3D: Release your Game and Play it on your PC

LIVE SUPPORT IS INCLUDED!! Even if you are an absolute beginner in Blender.. I'm willing to help you directly to overcome any challenge you face

Build Awesome Bridge Environment in Blender

We will Build the 10th Street Bridge based on real references. You will learn all the modeling techniques: Proportional Editing, Modifiers like Array, Bevel, Subdivision to create realistic environments in Blender 2.9

  • Learn Realistic Scale Matching of Real References

  • Advanced Modeling Tips & Tricks

Improve Your Texturing Skills: Well Explained, Flexible, and Easy to Apply Tips

You will learn the basics for Creating Realistic textures in Blender using Procedural Texturing.. We will create Wet Asphalt with water puddles on it, Rust Metal… Also, we will learn UV Mapping and how to assign those textures to the Bridge

  • Asphalt

  • Grunge & Rust

  • Ocean (Scale)

Make Realistic Ocean Water Material

Build Realistic Asphalt Material

Make Realistic Grunge & Rust Material

[NEW]: Add Greenscreen in Your Blender Scene

You will learn how to implement a green screen to overlay it on any background image you choose. This gives us much more flexibility in controlling our scene

[NEW]: Create Realistic City Maps & Add them to your Blender Scene

This will help populate the scene by adding much more details to it. It's a great method to make your animation looks legit and engaging

Master Vehicle Rigging in Blender

Learn Advanced Vehicle Rigging Techniques:

  • Drifting

  • Realistic Brake & Suspension

  • Burnout Start

  • Normal Vehicles Traffic

  • Passing other Vehicles

Achieve Photorealistic Lighting in Blender

We will cover the principles for Achieving Photorealistic Lighting in Blender. Environment Lighting is one of the most important aspects of CGI.. We will learn it & apply it in our Bridge scene

Hollywood Cinematic Shots: Animate Realistic Vehicle Movements

You will learn how to Rig Vehicles (using Free Caring Plugin) & We will Make a Short Film Animation ‘BURNOUT’

  • The 4 Conditions to an Excellent Car Rig

  • Generate Rig for the Mercedes Car

  • Apply Car Suspension on Rough Roads for Maximum Realism

  • Regular Traffic Circulation

  • Avoid Obstacle Animation

  • Burnout Start Animation

  • Realistic Camera Movements – Within / Back / Front / Helicopter

I Will Help You Achieve This Final Result. Even If You Are a Complete Beginner

Live Mentoring: I’m offering Free live assistance to help you with any challenge you face along the way.. We will be using Zoom to contact

You also have 30 days money-back guarantee.. get them anytime you want

Who this course is for:

  • You Demand of Yourself Excellence in Skills
  • You are Looking for a Formula to Guide You toward Achieving Photorealism


What will you learn in this course:

  • Build Realistic & Cinematic 3D Environments

  • Make Awesome & Exciting Vehicle Drifting Animations

  • Export City Maps into your Scene in Blender (With Textures!!)

  • Learn Scale Matching of Real References (10th Street Bridge)

  • Create Realistic PBR Materials using Procedural Texturing

  • Learn the Secrets of Achieving Photorealistic Lighting in your Scenes

  • Add Camera Cinematic Shots: Helicopter - Pursuit - Standby

  • Master Car Rigging in Blender (Free Addons)

  • Use Greenscreen Backgrounds to Make your Renders look Awesome

  • Learn Rendering & Production of Short Animation Projects

  • Texture Painting: Customize Your Car Paint & Add Flames Decals

  • Smoke & Fire Fluid Simulation: Add Nitro Boosting Speed

  • Learn Environment Optimization for Game Design

  • Bake Textures the Right Way for Game Design

  • Add Car Controller: Drive Your Own Car in Unity

  • Learn to Import Assets from Blender to Unity

  • Build & Play Your Game on your Own Android Mobile Phone

  • Learn Unity 3D: Release your Game and Play it on your PC


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Just the basics of using Blender (I'm willing to help you with anything)

  • Blender (totally free) & your time

Make a Cinematic Car Chase Short Film Animation in Blender


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Modeling - Build the 10th Street Bridge Scene
9 Lectures
  • play icon Trailer - Car Chase - Unreal Engine 05:01 05:01
  • play icon Matching the Scale of the Bridge 18:33 18:33
  • play icon Modeling Bridge Supporting Columns 13:22 13:22
  • play icon Why Bevel Modifier is not Working & How to Fix it 06:51 06:51
  • play icon Modeling Bridge Fenses 11:53 11:53
  • play icon Modeling the Wires of the Bridge 14:38 14:38
  • play icon Modeling Streeet Poles 18:13 18:13
  • play icon Use Curve to Adjust the Shape of Bridge 01:57 01:57
  • play icon Modeling - Add Landscapes 03:46 03:46
Texturing - Learn Realistic Procedural Texturing in Blender 2.9
4 Lectures
Build a Realistic City in Blender
1 Lectures
Lighting & Finalize our Bridge Scene
4 Lectures
Realistic Vehicle Rigging in Blender
2 Lectures
Car Animation: Learn Vehicle Movements Simulation
5 Lectures
Cinematic Camera Animation
3 Lectures
Movie Production: Making the Short Film Animation
3 Lectures
Bonus: Texture Painting & Gameplay Animation & Fluid Simulation
3 Lectures
Optimize Bridge Environment for Game Design
3 Lectures
Unity 3D - Let's Build Our First Game
8 Lectures
Bottom bridge modeling making
4 Lectures

Instructor Details

Abdelilah Hamdani

Abdelilah Hamdani

3D Photorealistic Designer

Abdelilah Hamdani is a 3D Designer and a Developer. I firmly believe that Photorealism is gonna be one of the most valuable skills in the near future. There is alot of opportunities for CGI artists: VFX, Gaming, Movies & Series. More than 6 years in the 3D Industry and i humbly admit i've got alot more to learn.

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