Machine Learning with Python Basics (For Beginners)

Learn the Basics of Machine Learning with Python (First Step For Beginners)


Steps of Machine Learning that you Will learn:

  1. Import the data.

  2. Split data into Training & Test.

  3. Create a Model.

  4. Train The Model.

  5. Make Predictions.

  6. Evaluate and improve.

Machine Learning Course Contents:

  1. What is Machine Learning - Types of Machine Learning (Supervised & Unsupervised).

  2. Linear Regression with One Variable.

  3. Linear Regression with One Variable (Cost Function - Gradient Descent).

  4. Linear Regression with Multiple Variable.

  5. Logistic Regression (Classification).

  6. Logistic Regression (Cost Function - Gradient Descent).

  7. Logistic Regression (Multiclass).

  8. Regularization Overfitting.

  9. Regularization (Linear and Logistic Regression).

  10. Neural Network Overview.

  11. Neural Network (Cost Function).

  12. Advice for Applying Machine Leaning.

  13. Machine Learning Project 1

  14. Machine Learning Project 2

Python Basics Course Contents:

  1. How to print

  2. Variables

  3. Receive Input from User

  4. Type Conversion

  5. String

  6. Formatted String

  7. String Methods

  8. Arithmetic Operations

  9. Math Functions

  10. If Statement

  11. Logical Operators

  12. Comparison Operators

  13. While

  14. For Loops

  15. Nested Loops

  16. List

  17. 2D List

  18. List Methods

  19. Tuples

  20. Unpacking

  21. Dictionaries

  22. Functions

  23. Parameters

  24. Keyword Arguments

  25. Return Statement

  26. Try - Except


  28. Classes


  1. You will learn the basics of Machine Learning.

  2. You will learn the basics of python.

  3. You will need to set up Anaconda.

  4. You will need to setup python & PyCharm

  5. This course is considered the first step in Machine Learning.

  6. You can ask anytime.

  7. No Programming Experience is Needed for this course.

  8. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning is a great course that you can take to learn the implementation of ML models in Python.

  9. This course is considered step one in Machine Leaning, You will learn the concept of Machine Learning with python basics.


  • You Will learn basic concept of Machine Learning, Types of Machine Learning
  • You Will learn basic concept of Linear Regression With One Variable & Multiple
  • You Will learn basic concept of Logistic Regression
  • You Will learn basic concept of Regularization (Linear and Logistic Regression)
  • You Will learn basic concept of Neural Network
  • Machine Learning Projects


  • No Programming Experience Needed
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Machine Learning with Python Basics (For Beginners)
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