Logo - Introduction

Logo is a programming language that is very simple and easy to learn. It is used for teaching students and children how to program a computer.

Why should we learn the Logo language?

  • Because it is fun, lots of fun.
  • Enhances the logical sense of the children.
  • Develops programming skills.
  • It is real Computer Science.

Logo is a very easy and interesting programming language to learn. It has enough depth to virtually do anything, which can be done in any other computer programming language.

How to download and install MSW Logo Software?

If Logo Programming Software is not installed on the computer, we can get it for free from the following link −


After installation, it puts a Logo icon on the desktop of your computer.

Logo Icon

The MSW Logo screen has two parts −

  • A Drawing window above with a triangle-shaped TURTLE in the center.
  • A Commander window as shown in the following screenshot.
MSW Logo Screen

We will write commands in the command line, i.e., the text box at the bottom of the Commander Window. To execute or run these commands, press Enter or click the Execute Button. We can also write and run more than one command online at a time.

The command history will appear in the gray box. Click a line in the history to make it jump to the respective command line, then we can make changes (if required). Once this is done, press Enter or click the Execute Button.