Logistics Management

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Logistics Management

There is a description about logistics types. Environment management of storage condition plays an important role from Quality point of view, same is being explained. Need for Inventory management and how it plays a role in top and bottom line or the company's financial performance. Understanding on identification & traceability, especially when we are dealing with complaints.


One who is interested in setting up his own hardware enterprise, students, freshers in companies like Manufacturing, E-commerce, IT services-related to logistics. To understand the need for movement, storage of materials, various transportation modes, various elements under logistics & risks involved in logistics.



Ajay is a corporate trainer and his vision is to train aspirants for unleashing their full potential in professional and personal endeavors. With over a decade of rich experience in training, automotive engineering & Quality management domains from reputed organizations like Bosch, Continental & Dunlop, Ajay is quick in understanding corporate training need and can easily translate the same into effective training sessions.