Locomotion and Movement

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Locomotion and Movement

A captivating lesson of human anatomy which includes different muscles, bones, joints present in a human body etc. It also includes physiology mechanisms related to these topics like muscle contraction, cori’s cycle, muscle fatigue etc. These videos will not only provide information regarding locomotion and movement but also help to increase the curiosity to learn among learners of biology.


These videos are beneficial for students who are preparing for class XI and NEET. Videos are made with an aesthetic appeal in such way that learning and understanding of subject will become simple and easy.


Saumya Gaur

She is a seasoned professional with 9 years of experience as a teacher of Biology & Science for both academic and competitive formats. She holds M.sc in Zoology from CCS University, Meerut and BSc in Science and Nutrition from RDVV University, Jabalpur. Her expertise lies in the creative and innovative teaching methods which she employs to make her students engage and understand better.