Linux, Unix OS Command Line and Shell Scripting Introduction

Become an expert in Command Line in Linux, Unix & Shell scripting, Automate Script Execution through Cronjob. Monitor and Control Process. Create, Insert, Modify Files in Editors.


   IT & Software, Operating Systems, Linux

  Language - English

   Published on 05/2021



This unique course is designed to make beginner and get into expert. Further this unique course covers basics of operating system, command line commands in details and introduction to shell scripting (3 in 1 course).

As more and more organization are moving into Linux and Unix operating system as its generally open source. Additionally, Linux, Unix skills gained by developers would make them more in demand. Earlier Unix was the OS for mainly server, but with Linux being light weight, open source and being adopted for standalone desktop and laptop as well, the opportunities bound to grow.

Added to this, Internet of things based IOT devices such as Raspberry pi Beagle bone Orange pi uses Linux based operating system. Hence, in next few years, there is bound to be exceptional growth with good career opportunities for Linux and Unix skilled experts. Furthermore, had extensively used Raspberry Pi - Linux for all demonstration and activities in the course. Also in the future most of the resource constrained web and IOT device would be extensively based on LINUX OS.

From a developer perspective, this course not only cover command line commands, but also Bash shell scripting to make you comprehensive developer expert in Linux Unix OS.

The topic covered are as follows:

  • Operating system overview - Operating System introduction and components, Operating System structure, User and operating     system
  •  Linux and Unix introduction - Linux and Unix Introduction , Environment option for learning
  • Files and directory commands - cat, head, tail, wc, copy, move, remove, touch, directory listing, grep, history, symbolic link, absolute  and relative path
  • Editor - File creation and modification - vi, nano
  •  File permission - Assigning and modification
  •  Other commands - Wild card, file Redirection, FTP
  • Monitoring and controlling process - Process monitor and kill command
  • House keeping - Archive and extracting (tar, compress, uncompress)
  •  Basic shell scripting(bash) - LET, READ, DEBUG commands, IF, FOR, WHILE, CASE, UNTIL, FUNCTION Commands and shell scripting examples
  • Automate script execution - Crontab listing and creation

Happy learning!!

What Will I Get ?

  • Wide range of commonly used command line commands in Linux / Unix command
  • Shell scripting fundamentals, including automation of scripts execution through cronjob
  • How to create, insert, modify files using editors vi, Nano
  • Understanding automation through crontab


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Access to Linux or Unix command line environment either online or others
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