Learn RPA - BluePrism Step by Step

Learn how to automate repetitive tasks & manual processes using Blue Prism to execute repetitive and mundane works

Course Description

This Course is Designed to Learn RPA with orientation and structure of Blue Prism, installation, Stages, Exception handling, Application Modeller, Queue  management, Control Room and many more.

This Course covers many aspects of RPA to keep the technology up to speed.

This course is for everyone , Especially for Beginners , how wants to learn Blue Prism step by step to automate mundane tasks

By the End of the course , you will  be able to :

  • Introduction to Blue Prism Software 
  • Installation Process for Blue prism software
  • Configuration And Activation of Blue Prism 
  • Key Areas in Blue Prism product 
  • How to Create an User Account in Blue Prism 
  • Introduction to Process Studio & Create Sample Process 
  • Stages and Data items in Process Studio 
  • Working with Calculation stage and DataItem stage 
  • Working with Multi Calculation stage 
  • Working with Decision stage and Anchor 
  • Working with Choice stage 
  • Working with Collection stage 
  • Working with Loop stage 
  • VBO & How to import Business Objects in Blue Prism 
  • Working with ACTION stage (With SQL Database) 
  • Working with PAGES in process 
  • Working with PROCESS Stage in process 
  • Introduction to Business Object & Create Sample Object using Object Studio 
  • Difference Between Process Studio and Object Studio 
  • Introduction to Application Modeller in Object Studio (Working with FaceBook) 
  • Continuation : Working With Navigate, Wait , Write Stages in Object Studio 
  • Working With Read Stages in Object Studio (Create an Account in Facebook) 
  • Working With CODE Stage in Object Studio 
  • Overview of Exception Handling / Error Handling in Blue Prism 
    • A : Working With Recover, Resume Stages in Object Studio (Example: FaceBook) 
    • B : Working With Exception Stage and Block stage in Object Studio 
    • C : What is Exception Bubbling in Blue Prism 
  • How to Publish an Action in Business Object 
  • Working With ALERT Stage in Process Studio (Detailed) 
  • How to Export Process/Business Object In Blue Prism 
  • Overview Of Control Room 
  • Working with Session Management in Control Room 
  • Working with Session variables in Control Room 
  • Introduction to Queue Management in Blue Prism 
  • Working Session with WORK QUEUES in Queue Management (Full Session) 
  • WORK QUEUES || Defer Items in Queue Management 
  • Working with Environment Variables ?
  • WORK QUEUES || Priority in Queue Management (Detailed) 
  • WORK QUEUES - Tag, Tag Filter and Key Filters in Queue Management 
  • Introduction to Scheduler & How to configure Scheduler 
  • Working Session with SCHEDULES,TASKS AND TIMETABLE under Control Room 
  • Working Session with CALENDAR (Detailed) 
  • Working Session with ACTIVE QUEUES under Control Room ? 41 : Introduction to Release Manager 
  • Working Session with Packages and Releases under Release Manager(Detailed) 
  • Working Session with Blue Prism DashBoards and Tiles (Detailed) 
  • Working With web services


  • By the end of the course, you will be capable of working on real time projects
  • You will get, Complete Knowledge on Blue Prism RPA tool
  • You will learn, How to Install Blue Prism
  • You will Learn , How to work with Stages


  • No Programing Knowledge / Coding Knowledge Required
  • Better to have basic understanding on MS Excel,  SQL Database
  • No Prerequisites are Required.
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Learn RPA - BluePrism Step by Step
This Course Includes
  • 8 hours
  • 48 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
  • Lifetime Access Yes
  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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