Learn how to make a juicy game in Godot 4

Learn how to create juicy animations, effects, particles & more, by turning a simple game into a juicy one with Godot 4!

Course Description

A course focused on making everything juicy in a game using a breakout clone as a base game (project provided, we won't recreate the game in the course) . We’ll go over everything needed to bring the game from boring to awesome using many technique such as:

  • Animations (easing, bezier curves)

  • Lerp (linear interpolation)

  • Tween

  • Damped oscillator

  • Trails

  • Particles

  • Camera shake & movement

  • Shaders

  • Sound effects

The list is not exhaustive, please see the course outline for a glimpse into the topics that are covered. 

Beside the techniques themselves, I also discuss how and why we want to do things a certain way. I explain the importance of using contrast in your effects, anticipation, layering and much more. Throughout the course, you'll have many occasion to use the same techniques in different occasion and for different effects. You'll also have the ability to explore things on your own. 

I’ll show you tips and tricks along the way to make sure you get the most out of Godot and resources that can be useful and help you go further. You will walk away from this course knowing the techniques used to make a game juicy, how and when to use them. You'll be able to implement juice in your own games and bring them to the next level. 

This course will be helpful if:

  • You have basic knowledge of programming and Godot

  • You want to take your prototypes/games to the next level

  • You want to make games more pleasing to play

  • You feel like your game is boring but don't know how to change it

Please note that we're focusing on the game juice in this course. I won't go over the fundamentals of programming or even Godot. The base game project is provided and we go over its structure quickly, but we don't create the game from scratch. The first time we're facing a new technique, I try to explain it in detail to make it as clear as possible, but you're expected to know a bit about how Godot works. Also, game juice touches on a lot of complicated topics such as animation, visual effects and sound effects. This course is not here to teach you animations or visual effects. Still, I go over some fundamentals and I try to give you as much information as possible. Just don't expect to learn animation or VFX through this course. 

This course was made using Godot 4.0. It was the latest stable version of Godot at the time of creating the course. It should be compatible with all the future versions of Godot. In one chapter, I'm using Godot 3.5 to demonstrate how to tuse glow, as it was not implemented in 4.0. 

Multiple lessons are available to for you to preview for free. Please take a look at those videos before enrolling to know if this course is right for you!


  • Theory behind game feel

  • Bring a game from boring to juicy using everything from the course

  • Godot specific implementation with the AnimationPlayer, Particles, Shaders, Sound Effects, etc...

  • Tips and tricks specific to making games with Godot


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Godot
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  • Introduction
  • What is game juice?
  • Why is it important?
  • Examples from juicy games
  • Base project walkthrough
  • The impact of assets
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Learn how to make a juicy game in Godot 4
This Course Includes
  • 5 hours
  • 66 Lectures
  • 1 Resources
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  • Language English
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