Learn data visualization by tableau

if you want o learn tableau for data visualization so you are the right place


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In this course, we cover all aspects of tableau training

you can see the course videos preview for better understanding  and one of the very useful function  which is filters we will try to explain how and what can do with filter in tableau 

what is Filters?

Filters can be applied in a worksheet to restrict the number of records present in a dataset. Various types of filters are used in Tableau Desktop based on different purposes. The different types of filters used in Tableau are given below. The name of filter types are sorted based on the order of execution in Tableau.

  1. Extract Filters
  2. Data Source Filters
  3. Context Filters
  4. Dimension Filters
  5. Measure Filters

Extract Filters:

Extract filters are used to filter the extracted data from a data source. This filter is utilized only if the user extracts the data through extract connection

Data Source Filters

Works on both live & extract connections.

Context Filter

A Context filter is an independent filter that can create a separate dataset out of the original data set and compute the selections made in the worksheet.

Dimension Filter

When a dimension is used to filter the data in a worksheet, it is called as Dimension filter. It is a non-aggregated filter where a dimension, group, sets and bin can be added. A dimension filter can be applied through the top or bottom conditions, wildcard match and formula.

Measure Filter

A measure filter can filter the data based on the values present in a measure. The aggregated measure values can be used in a measure filter to modify the data.

What Will I Get ?

  • Create effective dashboard which give clear report
  • data analysis


  • Students Must Some Basic Knowledge of Computer and internet
  • If students From IT background or Engineering background or Commerce background or Management studies
  • or Digital Marketing Background so it will very good
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Learn data visualization by tableau
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