Learn Blender The Right Way!

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Learn Blender The Right Way!

Learn 3D Modeling , Materials , Lights , Render and Animation in Blender!

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Course Description

Blender is a free and open source 3D modeling and animation software. Light and powerful, it caters for every step of the production process of a 3D animation.

In this course you will learn about Blender's interface and fundamental concepts. In addition you will learn to:

  • Create and transform objects;

  • Use polygonal modeling tools to create your own objects;

  • Map, texture and create materials of various types, including PBR materials with PBR textures;

  • Lighten and render scenes using EEVEE and Cycles;

  • Illuminate scenes using HDR images;

  • Configure hierarchies between objects;

  • Create simple animations.

All topics are covered from both the theoretical and practical points of view.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn From Zero - Understand and use Blender Interface.
  • Model Your Objects - Use poligonal modeling tools and model 3D objects.
  • Apply different kinds of materials to objects.
  • UV Mapping - UV map the objects and apply textures to materials.
  • Use lights and render scenes using EEVEE and Cycles render engines.
  • Introduction to Animation - Animate objects and create complete projects from scratch.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • You need to have a computer with internet access.
  • The computer must match the hardware requirements described on the "Requirements" link of the blender website.
  • You need to have Blender 2.8 or higher installed on your computer.
  • You must have basic computer knowledge.
Learn Blender The Right Way!


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Interface and Basic Commands
25 Lectures
  • play icon Course Presentation 02:50 02:50
  • play icon Introduction 01:11 01:11
  • play icon Basic requirements and download 01:29 01:29
  • play icon Quick Setup and Splash Screen 03:22 03:22
  • play icon Understanding the areas 07:02 07:02
  • play icon Editors 06:03 06:03
  • play icon Navigating the 3D Environment 10:55 10:55
  • play icon Frame objects and orbit around selection 03:12 03:12
  • play icon Selecting objects 08:06 08:06
  • play icon Moving, rotating and scaling objects 15:28 15:28
  • play icon Clear and apply 05:55 05:55
  • play icon Creating and deleting objects 09:41 09:41
  • play icon Duplicating objects 03:52 03:52
  • play icon Repeat last 01:55 01:55
  • play icon Viewport Shading Options 12:54 12:54
  • play icon Viewport Overlays Menu 05:19 05:19
  • play icon Exercise - Transforming with manipulators 25:05 25:05
  • play icon Exercise - Transforming with shortcuts 14:15 14:15
  • play icon Exercise - Transforming with numerical values 14:52 14:52
  • play icon Startup File 02:11 02:11
  • play icon Outliner, Collections and Visibility 08:37 08:37
  • play icon Modifiers 11:55 11:55
  • play icon Using Addons 06:02 06:02
  • play icon Undo and Undo History 03:10 03:10
  • play icon Quick Favorites Menu 02:45 02:45
Polygonal Modeling
22 Lectures
5 Lectures
15 Lectures
Data Blocks
5 Lectures
UV Mapping
7 Lectures
Texture Painting
13 Lectures
Snap, origin and parenting
8 Lectures
Introduction to Animation
7 Lectures
Project - Creating a complete Robot Scene
18 Lectures

Instructor Details

Gustavo Rosa

Gustavo Rosa

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