Java BeanUtils - Create Custom Converters


BeanUtils package allows creating your own string object to convert for any java class and the registered converters can be used by all the BeanUtils methods.

The following are the steps to create and register your own converter:

  • First create a class which will implements the Converter interface and the java.lang.Class object of an application class (such as the class which need to be converted and incoming string value to be converted) should be accepted by convert() method.

  • The instance of your converter class should be registered by calling ConvertUtils.register() method at the creation time of an application.


public <T> T convert(Class<T> type, Object value);


  • T: It indicates desired result type.

  • type: It indicates that data type to which the value should be converted.

  • value: It indicates an input value to be converted

The above method will either return the converted value or it will throw an exception, if conversion cannot be performed successfully.

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