Java Top Interview coding problems. Must be done. Rock your Java coding skill and data structures.

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Java Top Interview coding problems. Must be done. Rock your Java coding skill and data structures.

Java Data Structures & Algorithms, Interview coding, Java programming

updated on icon Updated on Dec, 2023

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Lectures -75

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Duration -19.5 hours


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Course Description

Everything up the point to get a dream job and pass coding interview.

This course is designed to help you master java coding interview questions commonly asked by top technology companies. Whether you are a beginner or experienced programmer, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in coding interviews.

Our expert instructors have carefully curated a list of the top 85-100 coding problems frequently asked in interviews. Through a combination of video lectures and hands-on coding exercises, you will learn how to approach each problem, identify the most efficient algorithm, and implement the solution in a variety of programming languages.

Our course will help you build your confidence and enhance your problem-solving skills, which are essential for success in any coding interview. With our step-by-step guidance, you will develop the necessary skills to solve complex coding problems with ease.

By enrolling in this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to land your dream job at top tech companies. 

Spend 2-4 hours daily during 1-2 weeks and you will get your dream job.

May God bless you in your career and all your family.

Here is what topics you will learn in this course :

1. Big O notation
2. Data structures:
. * Arrays
* Hash Tables
* Singly Linked Lists
* Doubly Linked Lists
* Queues
* Stacks
     * Trees

     * Min-heap and Max-heap
* Tries
     * Graphs

3. Algorithms:

     * Recursion

     * Sorting

     * Searching

     * Sliding Window algorithm

     * Xor Bit algorithm 

     * Expand around center algorithm

     * Knuth-Morris-Pratt (KMP) Algorithm

     * Rabin-Karp String Matching Algorithm

     * Hashing

     * Linked List and Tree Traversal

     * Breadth First Search

     * Depth First Search

     * Dynamic Programming

     * Devide and Conquer algorithm

     * Hoare's Quickselect Algorithm

    * Floyd's  Cycle Detection Algorithm

    * Bellman-Ford Algorithm

    * Dijkstra's Algorithm

    * Topological Sort Algorithm

    * Two Pointers algorithm


What will you learn in this course:

  1. Developing Problem-Solving Skills: The course will focus on improving your problem-solving abilities by presenting you with a variety of coding problems. You will learn how to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable components, and devise algorithms and data structures to solve them effectively.

  2. Data Structures and Algorithms: You will learn about different data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, and hash tables, and understand their characteristics, use cases, and implementation details. Additionally, you'll explore various algorithms like sorting, searching, and graph traversal algorithms, and learn when and how to apply them.

  3. Time and Space Complexity Analysis: You'll gain an understanding of analyzing the efficiency of algorithms and data structures in terms of time complexity (how execution time increases with the input size) and space complexity (how much memory is required). This knowledge will help you make informed decisions when choosing the most efficient solution for a given problem.

  4. Problem Solving Techniques: The course will introduce you to common problem-solving techniques such as recursion, dynamic programming, backtracking, and greedy algorithms. You'll learn when to apply each technique and how to implement them in Java.

  5. Practice with Interview Coding Problems: The course will provide you with a wide range of interview-style coding problems that frequently appear in Java developer job interviews. You'll solve these problems to reinforce your understanding of Java concepts, data structures, and algorithms, and enhance your ability to write efficient and clean code under time constraints.

  6. Code Optimization and Best Practices: The course will emphasize writing code that is not only correct but also efficient and maintainable. You'll learn about coding best practices, design patterns, and optimization techniques to improve the performance and readability of your Java code.

  7. Interview Preparation: The course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently tackle Java coding interviews. You'll gain experience in solving real-world coding problems, and learn how to effectively communicate your thought process and solutions during interviews.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

Some coding experience is required

Java Top Interview coding problems. Must be done. Rock your Java coding skill and data structures.


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
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Easy To Medium Problems
52 Lectures
Medium Problems
20 Lectures

Instructor Details

Sergiy Velytskyy

Sergiy Velytskyy

About 20 years of experience as Developer, Architect and Instructor in financial and healthcare industries 

and well recognized companies such as IBM, JPMC, Oracle, Putnam Investment, Master degree in Computer Science. 

Proven instructor in Data structures and Algorithms, Core Java, Python, application performance and optimization, 

SRE and Cloud, Microservices, SOA, Event driven and JEE architecture.

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