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Java Generics, Collections Framework And Streams API

person icon Lemuel Ogbunude


Java Generics, Collections Framework And Streams API

Learn about Data Structures in Collections, Generics and how to use Java Streams API for powerful operations.

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Lemuel Ogbunude

English [CC]

category icon Development,Programming Languages,Java

Lectures -102

Duration -6 hours



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Course Description

Learn about Java Generics and how to create Generic classes. You also learn about Generic Interfaces and Methods.

After learning and understanding Java Generics we then dive into the Java Collections Framework where we learn about data structures such as List, ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet, LinkedList... and so on. Generics are an important part of the Java programming language.

We have extra lessons on Java Optional which helps us avoid null pointer exceptions in Java. You will learn about Optionals because it's knowledge will be applied when you learn about Java Streams API.

Finally, we learn about the Streams API, how it works and the various methods such as filter(), map(), flatMap(), reduce(), collect() ... and so on.

After this course, you should have a solid understanding of the Java Generics, the Collection Framework with its Data Structures and the Java Streams API.

In a nutshell, generics enable types (classes and interfaces) to be parameters when defining classes, interfaces and methods. Much like the more familiar formal parameters used in method declarations, type parameters provide a way for you to re-use the same code with different inputs. The difference is that the inputs to formal parameters are values, while the inputs to type parameters are types.


  • What The Java Collections Framework Is Composed of.
  • Learn About The Data Structures Available In The Collection Framework.
  • What Are Generics And How To Use Generics.
  • How To Create Generic Classes.
  • How To Create Generic Interfaces.
  • How To Create Generic Functions.
  • How To Use Existing Collections Like Lists, Sets And Queues.
  • How To Use Java Streams.
  • Use Lambda Expressions And Method References In Streams.
  • Learn What Java Optionals Are And How To Use Them.
  • Learn About Stream Methods Such As Filter, Map, FlatMap And Collect.


  • Java SDK 11 Installed (Not Compulsory)
  • Understand Basics of Java.
  • Understand Java Lambda Expressions And Method References.
Java Generics, Collections Framework And Streams API


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Java Generics
14 Lectures
  • play icon Coding Without Generics 05:47 05:47
  • play icon Intro to Generics 05:57 05:57
  • play icon Multiple Type Parameters 05:20 05:20
  • play icon Bounded Types 03:58 03:58
  • play icon Bounded Types - Interfaces 04:15 04:15
  • play icon Generic WildCards 07:40 07:40
  • play icon Bounded WildCards 03:06 03:06
  • play icon Lower Bound WildCards 02:40 02:40
  • play icon Generic Method 04:14 04:14
  • play icon Generic Constructors 01:47 01:47
  • play icon Generic Interfaces 05:59 05:59
  • play icon Raw Types 05:29 05:29
  • play icon Generic Super Class 04:20 04:20
  • play icon Generic Sub Class 01:06 01:06
Introducing Lambda Expressions
15 Lectures
Introduction To Java Collection Framework
14 Lectures
The Set And Queue Interface
13 Lectures
Map Interface And HashMap Class
13 Lectures
Java Optionals
9 Lectures
Java Streams
10 Lectures
Stream Map Operations
5 Lectures
More Stream Operations
9 Lectures

Instructor Details

Lemuel Ogbunude

Lemuel Ogbunude

Lemuel Ogbunude is a software engineer who specialises on teaching JVM(Java Virtual Machine) based languages.

He loves the art of teaching and simplifying complex topics in ways that students understand and remember while also making the whole process fun.

He believes courses can be both fun and educative at the same time.

He is a Java enthusiast and the founder of Lemubit Academy.

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