Introduction to SAP ERP Beginner - The Basics

S4/HANA - ERP / SAP / introduction

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With more than 400,000 customers worldwide, SAP has established itself as a reference in terms of ERP over the years.

Rare are the software so powerful, and allowing to adapt to all types of business.

It allows a notable improvement of the processes, increases the performance of the companies and especially increases the communication and the exchange of information between service with its unique database.

Training today on SAP is clearly an excellent choice for the future. The fields of application are constantly expanding and the need to improve productivity and quality is growing.

However, it must be recognized that it is as powerful as it is complex, which may seem disconcerting at first.

  • Not very intuitive?

  • Too much information on the screen?

  • Writing the same data over and over again?

  • Difficulty resolving error messages?

This starter course is ideal for a potential end user's daily office work with SAP. It will teach you to know the essential parts of the system and also to understand them. 

  1. What is an ERP ?

  2. What is SAP

  3. The Modules

  4. Connexion - Part 1

  5. Connexion - Part 2

  6. The transactions

  7. The Layouts

  8. A quizz

  9. To go further

You will see that it is not that difficult to navigate SAP ERP. It is basically a matter of understanding. This course offers many appropriate explanations and demonstrations.

Your journey into the world of SAP will start from scratch. You will become familiar with the system in a very simplified way. Each course always combines theory and practice. This means that everything is also demonstrated directly in a real system. 

In addition to the various videos, you will be provided with documents containing all the concepts covered and more. No need to take notes, we have done it for you. Everything is clearly explained, accompanied by screen prints.

It is also important for you to evaluate your level. To do this, a quizz will be attached to the different parts, allowing you to define your level of understanding.

Finally, you should know that we will not leave you alone. We will be available via TutorialsPoint, allowing to go even further in the exchange and sharing of data.

We want to be close to our community, and above all, to assist you in your success.

"What you are tomorrow depends on what you do today".

So take the plunge. Do not hesitate. The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself!

The Key User Training team


  • The basics of an ERP and more specifically SAP
  • Presented in a dynamic format
  • With examples and simplified sheets
  • In a real SAP environment
  • The essential bases to apprehend more complex training, towards a career change


  • Having access to SAP is a plus
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  • Presentation of the trainers
  • Course presentation
  • What is an ERP?
  • SAP - Together
  • Database Access
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Introduction to SAP ERP Beginner - The Basics
This Course Includes
  • 1 hours
  • 13 Lectures
  • 3 Resources
  • 6 Quiz Questions
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
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  • Language English
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