Introduction to Microservices using ASP.NET Core

Learn microservices architecture basics over .Net Core using ASP.Net Core, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Masstransit, CQRS, Redis, Polly and Ocelot API Gateway.

  Shashank Dhyani

   Microservices, .Net, MongoDB, ASP.NET 5, Development

Language - English Published on 09/2022


  1. Learn the basics of microservices and what problem it solves.

  2. Learn the basics of the components of the microservices (API Gateway, Message Brokers, Services, Database).

  3. Implement a microservice architecture with event-driven communication using ASP.NET Core, RabbitMQ, Masstranit, and MongoDB. 

  4. Learn microservice by following step-by-step coding tutorials and implementations of key concepts.

  5. Learn Masstransit and its features to work with message brokers like RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, or Azure Service Bus.

  6. Connect Microservice with MongoDB and use Robo3T for viewing MongoDB data.

  7. Learn Postman tool installation and its basics.

  8. Learn fundamentals of AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) and RabbitMQ and its exchanges.

  9. Learn API Gateways and how to communicate between API Gateway and microservices over RabbitMQ Message Broker.

  10. Learn fundamentals of CQRS (Command Query Segregation Principle).

  11. Implement Authentication and  Authorization in microservices using JSON Web Tokens.

  12. Learn the necessary tools required in the microservice ecosystem.

  13. What is Benchmarking and Apache Bench Installation to micro-benchmark our application?

  14. Learn how to unit test APIs and Masstransit Events Consumers using NUnit.

  15. Learn to write resilient microservices using Polly (a fault-tolerant library ) by implementing Policies.

  16. Learn to integrate Swagger Documentation with microservice for API endpoint documentation and testing.

  17. Learn to integrate Redis (In Memory database) with Microservice and perform CRUD operation.

  18. Learn what are distributed transactions and how to implement distributed transactions in microservices.

  19. What is Routing Slip Pattern?

  20. Implementing Routing Slip pattern using Masstransit Courier to handle the distributed transaction.

  21. What is Idempotency in microservices and why is it necessary?

  22. Implementation of idempotent microservice using Idempotent Consumer Pattern.

  23. Implementation of Ocelot API Gate

What Will I Get ?

  • Fundamentals of Microservices architecture.

  • Implement API Gateway using ASP .NET Core Application.

  • Connect Microservice with NoSQL database MongoDB.

  • How to Structure Microservice Project using ASP .Net Core Application

  • Develop microservices with ASP .NET Core Web APIs

  • Postman tool installation and Basics.

  • Install RabbitMQ to implement event based communication in microservice architecture.

  • Install Masstransit to communicate with RabbitMQ Message Broker from Application.

  • Fundamentals of AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) and RabbitMQ.

  • Communicate between API Gateway and microservices using RabbitMQ with Masstransit.

  • Create Masstransit Consumers to consume published messages.

  • Fundamentals of CQRS (Command Query Segregation Principle).

  • Refactor application as per CQRS Design (Physical layer Separation).

  • Implement Authentication and Authorization Mechanism using JWT Token.

  • Basics of Unit Testing.

  • Unit testing Product Controller with nUnit.

  • Unit Testing Login method using Masstransit In-Memory test harness.

  • What is Benchmarking and Apache Bench Installation to micro-benchmark our application.

  • What is Resiliency in microservices and need of Resilient Microservices.

  • Basics of Polly (A transient fault handling library).

  • Implementation of Fallback Policy.

  • Implementation of Retry Policy.

  • How to wrap multiple policies as one using Wrap Policy.

  • What is Jittering and implementation of Wait Retry Policy.

  • What is Circuit Breaker Pattern.

  • Implementation of Circuit Breaker Pattern using Circuit Breaker Policy.

  • Implementation of Advance Circuit Breaker Policy.

  • What is Bulkhead Isolation.

  • Implementation of Bulk Isolation Policy.

  • Basics of Redis and its installation.

  • Create Cart Service using In-memory database Redis.

  • Swagger Implementation for Order service to document Order API endpoints.

  • What is Distributed Transaction in microservices.

  • Distributed Transaction Techniques. (2-Phase Commit & Saga) - Theory

  • What is Routing Slip Pattern.

  • Implementing Routing Slip pattern using Masstransit Courier to handle distributed transaction. (Long lived transactions are not covered).

  • Monitoring Routing Slip Execution with help of Routing Slip Events.

  • Implementation of idempotent services using Idempotent consumer pattern.


  • Good understanding of C#.
  • Basic understanding of HTTP.
  • Basic understanding of ASP.Net Core.

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