Integrating DevOps Tools into a CI/CD Pipeline in AWS

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Integrating DevOps Tools into a CI/CD Pipeline in AWS

A complete DevOps project

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

During this course, we will focus on building a secure CI/CD pipeline, by integrating some well-known DevOps tools. In a typical production scenario, developers working on the same application push their new features to a common repository, which is represented most of the times by Git. In the next step, there comes the need of a continuous integration & building tool, such as Jenkins, whose job is to periodically perform polling activities to the Git repository, and when it senses there was a new commit, it takes the new application, performs some quality and security analysis of the code through the SonarQube app, then builds it with the help of Maven plugin and sends the build artifacts to Ansible. Ansible packages these artifacts into Docker containers and deploys them on the production servers, so that the application is accessible for the clients. All this process happens automatically, meaning that after developers push their new code to Git, the features should be seen by the end user without any intervention from the Dev or Ops teams. The whole infrastructure that performs this process is hosted in AWS cloud and created with the help of the most popular infrastructure provisioning tool, Terraform. Each independent server (Jenkins, Ansible, SonarQube & Application hosts) will also be monitored by Grafana, and alerts will be configured in the case of any malfunctions.


What will you learn in this course:

  • learn popular, in-demand DevOps practices;

  • defining production-ready AWS infrastructure using Terraform;

  • creating an end-to-end, secure CI/CD pipeline;

  • installing, configuring and operating various DevOps tools, like Git, Jenkins, Maven, Ansible, Docker and Sonarqube;

  • AWS platform: we will cover multiple basic services, such as EC2, S3 and ECR;

  • become an AWS networking expert, covering all major VPC concepts, from route tables to Load Balancers;

  • learn to configure a data visualization app like Grafana for monitoring the AWS infrastructure;


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No prior knowledge needed.
Integrating DevOps Tools into a CI/CD Pipeline in AWS


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

4 Lectures
  • play icon Aim of the Course 02:12 02:12
  • play icon What is CI/CD? 02:39 02:39
  • play icon Project Overview 05:18 05:18
  • play icon Prerequisites 03:17 03:17
Provisioning AWS Infrastructure with Terraform
14 Lectures
Launching and Configuring Jenkins
9 Lectures
Launching and Configuring SonarQube
5 Lectures
Launching and Configuring Ansible
10 Lectures
Creating and Configuring the Application Environmet
7 Lectures
Monitoring the Infrastructure
5 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Vlad Strautiu

Vlad Strautiu

I am a certified DevOps engineer and a telecommunications engineer as well, with a huge interest in cloud technologies, IoT and software development. I always stay in touch with the latest tech trends. My passion is to share my expertise with as many people as possible, being very focused in developing and offering a learning process that is accessible both to the very beginners, as well as to the more advanced students. A lot of research goes into my courses and presentations, as in my belief the only way for achieving exceptional teaching skills is by making sure you learn so much that are able to make any subject seem easy.  

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