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Image Management

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Created by Pratima Vallur, Last Updated 08-Nov-2019, Language:English


This course on image management is for anyone who would like to create better first impressions & have an impactful presence. It primarily targets young adults and professionals who have just entered the work force. Course primarily focuses on Appearance, Behavior & communication aspects of Image Management. We speak about 5 elements of design ( line, shape, color, Fabric & Texture, Patterns ) and their impact on first impressions & perceptions formed by people. Aspects of Visual & vocal communication, Grooming & Etiquette which have crucial influence on perceptions formed are also covered.

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Pratima Vallur

Pratima is an Image consultant from Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA & an engineering graduate in the field of computer Science. She carries an experience of 6 years in Business Consulting with Deloitte where her focus was on Client engagement & Business strategy. Later she moved into Image management industry as she believes that inner strengths coupled with an elegant dressing multiplies the value of individuals, commands veneration & awe. She specializes in making her c