i-Mode - Devices

There are many cellular phones available in the market that allow i-Mode services. Here is a list of the latest available mobile phones −

  • FOMA SA800i
  • Fujitsu F905i
  • LG KE390i
  • LG L343i
  • LG L852i (PRADA)
  • Mitsubishi M342i
  • Motorola RAZR V3xx with i-mode
  • Motorola SLVR L6 i-mode
  • Motorola SLVR L7 i-mode
  • NEC 411i
  • NEC N22i
  • NEC N343i
  • Nokia 6120 classic
  • Nokia 6124 classic
  • Nokia N95i
  • Samsung S400i
  • Samsung S500i
  • Samsung Z320i
  • Sony Ericsson K550im
  • Sony Ericsson K610im

With new i-mode services being launched in Europe and Asia, it is timely to learn based on the experiences of Japan what the potential could be.

In the near future, the 4G wireless-equipped i-Mode phone will bring new life to the wireless communications. The wireless mobile Internet is therefore rapidly becoming a reality and the future looks very bright.