Human Resource Management

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Starts from Beginner (Fresher) --> Intermediate (HR Manager) --> Advanced (HR Practitioner/HR Management Consultant)

Here we cover all the 3 levels.

Human Resource Management is concerned with the people dimension in management. It is the Management of Human resources by attracting, developing, utilizing, retaining and motivating the human resources to achieve organisation’s objective. Or in simple terms, effective and efficient management of the human resources of office to achieve company’s objective. Here you will learn about all the functions of HRM in detail with interesting sessions, live projects, case studies, articles, demos and templates

Human Resource Management (All the levels - Basic to Advanced)

This programme will cover all the functions of HR with real-life examples.

  • In the introductory module, you will get to know the actual scenarios HRs faced in company and how to smartly overcome challenges.

  • In manpower planning, learn about various factors you should keep in mind while doing manpower planning and what are the recent trends in different industries.

  • In job analysis, the main focus would be on competency-based job analysis. Many companies are moving from traditional job analysis to competency based job analysis.

  • In the recruitment and selection module, learn about current trends and the common terminologies used.

  • In Training and Development, you would be able to do Instructional System Design, how to do proper analysis, write measurable objectives and ace trainings.

  • In labour laws, know about the key labour laws and their objectives. Also latest amendments.

  • In remuneration and compensation, design salary structure and create a win-win situation for employer and employee both. Become confident in TDS calculations.

  • In performance management, know about various methods in performance management.

  • In the disciplinary procedure, practice the steps which should be followed to avoid penalties later.

  • In HRIS, learn MS Excel, Google drive and SaaS products

  • In HR Analytics, calculate and analyse common metrics and the future trends

  • In emails, improve your email etiquettes and learn the techniques in email marketing.

  • In Employee Engagement, practice various Psychological tips for employee engagement and the current trends

  • In Business acumen, know the common terminologies and concepts

Human Resources of a company play a very role in the success of a company. Hence having a strong background in the same is really essential.


  • Get Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Demos: Job portal, Onboarding, Payroll Processing, HRIS and many more
  • Analyse various case studies and articles
  • End-to-End HR Functions
  • Explain how the role of HR in the company changes with change in functions and policies
  • Design competency based job analysis
  • Perform recruitment from various channels and learn common terminologies in different departments and key industries


  • Understanding of the English language.
  • Interest in Human Resource Management
  • Interest in Business, Leadership and Management
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  • Self-Assessment
  • What is HRM?
  • Functions of HRM
  • HR Competencies
  • Challenges in HR Role
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Human Resource Management
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