Industry-Specific Interview Questions


Industry-specific questions are specific to the industry you are seeking employment in. These questions evaluate your educational skill sets, professional qualification, and employment experience, so prepare your answers after reviewing your performances, current assignments, and the achievements in projects that showcase your talent in the best possible way.


We have listed five industries with the most common questions asked in their industry-specific interview −


Briefly describe your background and the related responsibilities, your greatest achievements as a manager and the efficiency in which you performed various tasks required for the position. Demonstrate the fact that you are detail oriented and confident in providing high quality output for your company.

Customer Support

Convey an approachable and friendly attitude along with presenting the image of a knowledgeable person. Stress on the importance of speaking politely, accurately, and professionally.

Information Technology

“s” bit is called “set user id” (SUID) bit. “s” bit on a file causes the process to have the privileges of the owner of the file during the instance of the program. For example, executing “passwd” command to change the current password causes the user to writes its new password to shadow file even though it has “root” as its owner.


Mention the nobility and profitability of the profession by speaking on the obvious lucrative aspects of the job, and also as the real reason being your genuine love for the profession and the pleasure you get in assisting families to safeguard their interests by offering them the best investment plans.


Besides being good with numbers, one must be patient while handling the accounts, creditors, and investors of a company. Mention your strong analytical and interpersonal skills as the qualities that make you an ideal candidate for an accountant.